I Found Her…

Somewhere Between the Ocean Floor and The Ocean Surface

Ready to Meet Her Maker

Hoping That Finally Her Eyes Can Reach Infinite Darkness.

It’s Sad That Desire Drove Her to The Edge

Because the Fire in Her Had Faded

Leaving Fragments of a Broken Soul

The Life She’d Dreamt of Was No More

She Didn’t Know It Was Time to Let Go

Because Somewhere Between the Stars and The Moon Lay A Promising Future

She Thought She Needed A Man’s Touch…

But All She Really Needed Was to Love Herself

It Was Time for Her…

 To Stop Crossing Oceans for People Who Wouldn’t Even Jump A Paddle for Her,

To Travel Across the Seven Seas and Rejuvenate the Magic Inside Her,

To Stop Suffocating Her Agony Because That Is Like Trying to Dry Out the Ocean.

She Needed to Learn the Song of Hope,

Where She Could Get Lost in The Contours of The Melody,

To Find the Secret Rhythm…

Where Her Lips Would Only Whisper Words of Wisdom to Herself

And Her Hips Would Sway in Delight

To the Dance of Self Assurance.


In The End It’s Not The Number Of Breaths That You Took That Matter, But The Number Of Moments That Took Your Breath Away.

Copyrights © 2023 Eva Mwangi

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