We Start With Imperfect Knowledge,

Suppressing the Memories That Haunt Us,

Evading the Pain That Consumes Us,

Then We Begin Analyzing Our Journey,

Questioning Our Path,

Against God’s Highest Laws.

A Life of Reflection,

Headed Towards an Unknown Destination,

Peeling Back the Layers,

Getting A Little Bit Closer,

Through Prayer and Faith,

Because Forgiveness Isn’t For the Guilty, But For Those in Pain.

Perhaps There Is a Balance,

A Day Of Reckoning,

That Rights the Wrongs around Us,

And Blows the Wind of Change onto Our Sails,

So That We Can Let the Sunshine Back In,

And Be Cleansed By the Rain.

In Truth There Is No Doubt,

The Soft Whispers of the Calling Keep Lingering At a Distance,

A Life to Serve Others!

And Guide Them through the Mucky Worldly Waters,

So That In The End When They Go To The State Of Chemical Equilibrium And Kick The Oxygen Habit…

They Will Find Infinite Peace at the Feet of Their Maker in Their Final Bar of Life As They Climb the Golden Staircase.

Truth Be Told, I Need God Like…

The White Needs the Snow,

The Ice Needs the Cold,

The Birds Need the Fly,

The Fish Need the Water,

The Eyes Need Light,

The Tongue Needs Saliva,

The Trees Need Sunlight,

A Lock Needs a Key,

The Flame Needs the Fire,

The Waves Need The Ocean.


God Did Not Promise…

Days without Pain,

Laughter without Sorrow,

Nor The Sun without the Rain,

But He Did Promise…

Strenght for the Day,

Comfort for the Tears

And Light for the Way.

Copyrights © 2023 Eva Mwangi


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