The Darkness Turns to Light,

It Is the Start of The Day So Bright,

As the Morning Takes Over Night,

The Dawn Is So Bright,

I Want to Send You All My Love and Luck,

As You Usher in A Clear Blue Sky with Sun Kissed Air,

And Yearn to Hold on To the Endless Moment of Hope,

As Your Heart Races with Burning Flames for A Spectacular Day,

Reach Out for The Awe of New Opportunities,

And Feel Passion Flow into Your Bones,

As You Float to The Splendor of a New Day,

Because the Sun Is Up,

The Sky Is Blue,

Today Is Fabulous,

And So Are You.

Wish You A Very Bright Good Morning and Happy New Month My Loves,

With Lots of Hugs and Cheer.


Standing Alone Does Not Mean You Are Alone, It Means You Are Strong Enough to Handle Things by Yourself.

Copyrights © 2023 Eva Mwangi

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