Aram was the head of an upcoming IT company which he had formed with his business partner and longtime friend Namu. He loved coding, programming and graphic design to the extent he would forego sleep just to come up with something new. The business was relatively thriving given that he could be able to pay all his personal bills and those of his employees. They had managed to build the company to a point that they had hired 100 employees. To them this seemed like they were in a day dream that may soon come to an end. Every day was just a reminder that dreams do come true and they were a living testament. Aram was a young, good looking, relatively wealthy businessman who happened to be single. In the dating world he was what would classify as an “eligible bachelor” for grabs. This meant that he attracted so many women including some of his female staff. Truth be told, he really wanted to find a woman who would be his life partner but as fate would have it, his success made it hard to identify real and honest women. With this being said, he had for a long time harbored a crush for one of his female employees.

Zara was the head of marketing and public relations for Arasco Technologies. She was so good at her job because she created visibility and a thriving customer base for Arasco in just 6 months. Thanks to her Aram and Namu were able to start generating substantial returns very early on in the business. She was intelligent and very beautiful and this just drove Aram insane. She was very eloquent and wise not only in words but also in character. If not for her, Arasco would have made so many mistakes in their pitches to investors and also in their bid to source for clients. She was crafty, innovative and very creative. Her ideas were unconventional though they always worked. She had a thing for impossible challenges and difficult scenarios. For this, Aram and Namu had selected her to help them create a trustworthy and lasting brand for the company. She did not have a lot of experience but her zeal and will power to succeed made them want to give her a chance to at least work for their company. Over the past 5 years, she had steadily and successfully managed to put Arasco among the group of companies to look out for.

It was on a rainy Friday evening and Aram was just preparing to leave the office as he wound up his work for the day. The offices had glass mirrors and from his office he could clearly see Zara. This particular day she had just worn tight jeans and a very well fitting top with sneakers. She was rocking simple casual given that it was on a Friday. His mind however was just thoroughly aroused by her physique. For 5 years he had managed to keep his feelings and desires in check but this day he felt like he should just make a move and see how it goes. Zara always carried herself professionally and he knew making a move or letting her know of his feelings may mean he may lose her as an employee and friend. This is the reason he had resorted to hiding his true wishes and desires for her.

His mind lingered on what he would do to her if she was his woman. He imagined her in a black matching lingerie set with the bra delicately holding her ample bosom and her panties fitting to hold her relatively huge and tight butt. He imagined his hands fondling her breasts without any hesitation and her softly moaning on his neck. He imagined running his muscular hands all over her body and lifting her up and pushing her to the wall so that he can have his way with her. He imagined having a taste of her supple lips and knowing the wonders of the flavors that lay between them. He imagined tearing up her panties and having access to the “forbidden land” and experiencing the tight walls which he imagined she would definitely have. He imagined running his fingers across her silky smooth skin from top to bottom. He imagined gently licking her….

His thoughts were interrupted by Zara’s voice wishing him a lovely weekend. This shocked him to the core and Zara could clearly see there was something bugging him. She asked him if anything was bothering him and he just stared at her blankly. He was fighting whether to tell her the whole truth or just lie. She moved closer to him and faintly touched his hand with concern written all over her face and this just made his “little man” a little too excited. He was afraid if she came any closer he would not be able to compose his “little fellow.” His hormones were already on overdrive and any more stimulation would just be too much for him to handle. He looked into her brown bubbly eyes and just remained silent. He and Zara had become quite close over the years and he knew she would not leave until he told her what the problem was.

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