Dennis looked back into the room after watching Vincent and Esther make out. Vincent had always been naughty and cheeky but when it came to loving his lady he always went all out. To the surprise of his friends, he had been with Esther for eight years now and had never cheated on her. Given his good looks and being relatively successful, many would think he would opt to have his bed warmed by different girls instead of just the one girl. Women were always around him but he always maintained clear boundaries that would result to serious repercussions if they were crossed. He had just recently proposed to his long term girlfriend and when asked why he had waited for so long to walk down the aisle, he said, “I had to get to a stage in my life where I can be the man that she needs and wants and also be able to give her the best life can offer. She is my rock and my queen and her happiness is my paramount concern.” Most of their friends thought he was too soft because he had no problem displaying his feelings for his girlfriend or even when things got a bit tough. He was a class act because secretly they all looked up to him and admired that he lived his truth. Dennis had even vowed to be a bit more like him. He was one of the few true friends that he had left.


At this instance he heard Talia’s voice call onto him. He looked across the room only to see his beautiful wife lying naked covered partially by the bed sheet. She wanted him to come back to bed. He stood there for like a minute just admiring her angelic body. They were on their honey moon and Dennis had every intention of not just enjoying his wife’s company but also her body. Talia had insisted that she would only have sex after they were married and Dennis had agreed. He felt bad he had to wait to make love to the light of his life but he admired her discipline and self-control. He had asked for sex many times but each time she turned him down. It was one of the hardest things he had ever done in his life.


This was the third day of their honey moon and saying he had loved it was an understatement. On their first night, Talia had walked out of the hotel bathroom in black laced floral transparent and sleeveless baby doll negligee. Her skin could be seen clearly through the lingerie and her gorgeous waist line and ample bosom were safely covered up. Her thighs were just let out for the world to see and her scent was out of this world. Her smooth chocolate skin was glistening because of the dim lighting and the invitation to touch was just out there. Dennis was trying hard to compose himself but a goddess was standing a few inches from where was. He looked at her face and he could see a naughty smile on Talia. She gently bit her lower lip and this drove Dennis insane. The buildup was just too much. He could barely control his sexual desires. All he wanted was to get a chance to work his magic hands and lips across her body. Talia gently raised one of her legs and placed it on the wall and Dennis was almost at his last bit of self-control. Years of waiting and anticipation could not allow him to be a gentleman just at this moment. His eyes were filled with lust and his manhood was almost bursting out of his pants.

As Talia walked towards him, he could not help but wonder of the joys that lingered between his new bride’s thighs. He grabbed Talia and gently started kissing her. He pulled off from her for a moment and gazed at her eyes. He told her he loved her and that he is the luckiest man alive. He looked at her body with so much leer and whispered to Talia if he had her blessing to touch the body of an angel. Dennis was a gentleman all through and given that this was their first night together he did not want to blow it. Talia looked adoringly at her husband and said yes he can touch her. Dennis could not control his excitement, he reached for Talia’s soft breast and gently cupped them in his hands. He unhooked Talia’s bra and behold the “two beautiful airbags” were staring right at him. He kissed them passionately as he suckled them delicately while Talia gave out soft moans. He proceeded lower by caressing and kissing her lower abdomen and stopped right before he got to the “wonder land”. He teased Talia a bit as he used his tongue and lips to rock Talia’s world. Before he pulled down her panties and have an “all access pass” to the “forbidden fruit”, Talia pulled him up and started kissing him.

She then thrust him on to the bed and started kissing his entire body from the neck, to the lips and finally to the lower abdomen. She then gently held Dennis’s “Weapon” in her hands and started stroking it. The arousal was too much to bear as Dennis started moaning gently. Talia skillfully took of his boxers and wow and behold Dennis’s “God given pole” was staring right in her face. Talia gently licked the top part of Dennis’s pole and he could be seen to be fidgeting across the bed. Talia worked her magic on Dennis with her tongue and lips to the point that Dennis could barely hold on any longer. Several minutes later, he unwillingly shot out his “male DNA” across Talia’s breast. He was kind of disappointed for not being able to control himself but who would. Talia on the other seemed pleased with her work. His wife’s beauty and prowess was not something he had counted on. After this, Talia made out with him a little more and suggested they take a shower as he got back his energy. She went in fast and Dennis could hear the shower running.

He walked to the bathroom and found her all lathered up. Her body was just a sight to behold. He walked up to her and planted a soft kiss on her moist lips. As the water ran down their bodies, Talia’s goodies were more and more visible. Dennis held his wife against the bathroom wall and started kissing her gently across the neck, nipples and finally went on his knees to enjoy his “forbidden fruit”.  His strong muscles supported her on the bathroom wall as his tongue traversed to places no man has gone before. His wife’s moans just made him enjoy it even more. Seeing her that “horny” was better than he had imagined. Finally, he felt Talia’s leg weaken as they shook uncontrollable. He knew he was achieving his intended goal as he heard her give a very sharp moan and finally collapse into his arms. Oh God how did I get such a woman? Dennis asked as he looked at his wife as they walked towards the bed. At this point Dennis was fully pumped and all he wanted to do was make love to his wife.

He grabbed the towel off her body and gently lay her on the bed. He couldn’t wait anymore. He wanted nothing but to dwell into the comforts of her womanhood. They were both so horny and Talia’s lady parts were already dripping with moistness. He knew he loved this woman but seeing her not shy off from making love to him made him yearn for her even more. He looked at her lovingly and asked if he could be allowed to “penetrate the walls of heaven.” Talia said yes and Dennis gently teased her as he pushed his penis inside her. She was so tight that he thought he was doing something wrong. He gently worked towards “entering the gates of bliss” as his new bride tolerated some slight discomfort. Finally, he was successful in his mission and was thrusting lovingly in his lady. Her eyes and body had an effect on him he could not understand. He felt like letting his guard down and enjoy a whole new level ecstasy but he knew if he doesn’t control himself then he would not satisfy her.  Talia was holding on to him tightly as she caressed his back and head. Her kisses were also something he was enjoying completely. He heard Talia whisper that she was enjoying it and making love to him was the greatest thing she’d ever done. A few moments later, Talia said she could no longer take it and that she was about to o****m. Dennis continued working his manly charm and finally the moment they had all been waiting for came. He shot his “manly seeds” in his beautiful wife then they collapsed on the bed exhausted.

They were out of breath and a little sweaty but it was all worth it. Dennis had always known that Talia is one of the good ones but never in his mind had he ever expected her to be a virgin. I mean this girl was beautiful, intelligent and dead gorgeous. He wondered how she had managed to escape the current social pressures of the present generation that made sex easy to get but love a rare treasure. Truth be told, he was also a virgin which was another reason why his exes had left him. He never wanted that level of intimacy with a woman he never saw a future with. This drove his ex-girlfriends mad because they could not understand why he did not want to make love to them. He had kept this secret for so long that he called it “operation let no one know.” He knew if his friends, colleagues and some of his family members especially the male ones would taunt him every day for this. The current society advocates for sex before marriage especially for men so that they may gain some kind of respect for the number of women they have slept with. Dennis knew telling people about his virginity would just put pressure on him so he decided to keep it to himself until he met the right woman.

After he met Talia though, he was afraid of fully coming out with is. He was worried she might think that he was weak or terrible in bed thus was the reason he had never had sex. However, after that night, he discovered that Talia would have never judged him for his decisions because she was battling with the same challenges. The irony is, in all his other relationships, the women had always pressured him for sex but in his current one he was the one applying the pressure. With Talia he was willing to have sex before marriage but with the others he wasn’t. May be God wanted him to find the woman of his dreams. Talia was everything he had prayed for. He never told anybody about his virginity and just like Talia, they had both kept the secret until their first night together. They loved the surprise though.

Copyrights © 2018 Eva Mwangi


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