He never looked like the best accessory a woman could have,

Because he was like water,


Water isn’t supposed to be an accessory;

It’s supposed to quench thirst.

I was not lusting over him,

I was admiring what the Lord had blessed him with,

In the stealth waters of the ocean,

Away from the chaotic world but deep in the blue waters,

He quenched my soul’s thirst cunningly, systematically and gradually.

As the white waves splashed across the shore,

All I could do is stand still and take in God’s creation,

In my mind I kept telling myself,

There is no way such a handsome man can be a bachelor,

Because life is not that kind.

I pondered, can his character stand the test of power?

I wondered, was he a tornado or did he have a soul?

My mind kept racing, would he let the rocks crush my hopes?

I felt at peace because the water lay still as he did.

The shells whispered to me,

Calling me to join my imaginative masterpiece on the soft sand,

As the waves splashed water on my toes,

While I build nonexistent sand castles with my Mr. perfect.

The depth of the ocean seemed so close,

Yet traversing there would have killed me instantly,

I didn’t care though,

Because all I wanted was a minute longer to delve into the forbidden island,

My thoughts were sweet and nasty at the same time.

I yearned for a glass of cold water,

So that I can drink the transparent glass of health,

To usher me back to sanity,

After the fantasy was over.



The reason I love water so much is because unlike the people who were supposed to love me, and who should have loved me better, water has never been afraid to touch me even when I was at my most broken and damaged.

Copyrights © 2018 Eva Mwangi

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