Somebody Asked Me Why I Love Writing and I Paused for A Moment to Think About the Answer Then I Just Started Smiling. They Then Asked Me Why I Decided to Start A BLOG and For A Moment I Had A Series of Flashbacks on How I Got Here.

This Is What I Ended Up Telling Them…

My Name is Eva Mwangi and I Write Because…

The pages afforded glimpses into my soul where I’d hidden it, behind masks of paper and ink.

Words Flow into My Head as I Drift Slowly and Steadily…

Into A Lyrical Ocean…

Emotional Overflow in Rhythmic Waves as Diluted Thoughts Flood the Page,

Paper Drenched in Melodic Verse,

Passion Surges and I’m Submerged,

Drowning in Inspiration as Ink Drips from My Pen…

One Day She Discovered…

She Was Strong and Fierce,

Full of Fire and Light,

She Could Also Not Hold Herself Back…

Because Her Passion Burned Brighter Than Her Fears.

I Told Them Writing Makes Me Feel Free Like Wind…


I Gave Up the Little Fights and Started Focusing on the Big Fights.

Looking Forward to Interacting with You as I Share Some Poetry and Short Stories Based on Every Day Life Experiences.




6 Replies to “About”

  1. Go!Go! the world needs people like you……..Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear (Mwangijapheth)

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    1. Thanks dear sometimes we let fear dictate our lives yet it is holding us back from reaching our true potential. Thank you for the encouragement and I will definitely try my best to keep pursuing what I love.


  2. Time is up, come out of the shadows and step into the limelight by going for what you want. Do not lip sing again the music of creative writing. Gogetter turn on the microphone and take the stage. Gooooo dota go.

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  3. I have discovered that u have a beautiful and pleasant art of using words and writing skills to colour our world in an amazing way.Your creativity with words lights up our world with tranquility,peace and hope.
    Thank u Miss Eva for the positive energy that you inject in our lives.Showers of blessings as you encourage and entertain us through this blog.

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