I Think She Was Afraid To Love Sometimes.

I Think It Scared Her.

She Was The Type To Like Things That Are Concrete, Like The Ocean.

Something You Could Point To And Know What It Was…

And I Think that’s Why She Struggled with Love.

She Couldn’t Touch It.

She Couldn’t Hold On To It and Make Sure It Never Changed.

She Was Not Afraid Of Losing Him,

She Was Afraid Of Losing Pieces of Herself That She Would Give To Him.

She Was Afraid He Would Turn Into One Of Those Beautiful Things She Could Only Love From A Distance…

Like the Moon, Good Poetry

And All the Other Untouchable Perfect Things.

You Asked Me Why I’m So Scared,

Why I Don’t Look You In The Eye…

But Life Taught Me One Lesson,

Nothing I Love Stays.


Till Love Gives In And Speaks In The Whisper Of Art Then She Could Never Stop Giving In The Fear And Realizing It Was Possible She Could Feel At Peace.

Copyrights © 2023 Eva Mwangi

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