If You Came to Me with A Face I Have Not Seen,

A Voice I Have Never Heard…

I Would Still Know You.

Even If Centuries Separated Us, I Would Still Feel You.

Somewhere Between the Sand and The Star Dust,

Through Every Collapse and Every Creation,

There Is A Pulse That Echoes of You and I.

If This Is Going to Work,

You Have to Know Love Is Not Enough.

Are You Ready for The Scars…?

That May Emerge Over Time?

Will You Still Be Here…

When the Days Turn into Night

When Blue Skies Turn into Grey Clouds,

Will You Keep Holding My Hand…

Even Though We Have to Fight

Will You Still Look into My Eyes in The Good Times and The Bad Times???

You Promised Me Forever

And Now the Future Is Fleeting

Because Your Gaze Just Made My Heart Stop

And Maybe It Will Never Restart Again.

Last Night I Watched You Sleep and The Sound of Your Breath Was A Unique Melody That Even Masters Could Not Compose.

The Absence of Your Skin Against Mine in The Shadowy Silence Keeps My Mind Racing and Sleep Implausible.

I Couldn’t Have Imagine the Distance Between Us Could Feel So Cruel.


When We Leave This World, We Give Up All Our Possessions and Our Memories.

Love Is the Only Thing We Take with Us.

It Is All We Carry from One Life to The Next.

Copyrights © 2023 Eva Mwangi


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