She Saw Infinite Darkness Hover over Her Eyes,

As She Slowly Kept Sinking Deeper Into the Ocean Of Distress,

She Felt the Magnificent Sound Waves,

Of The Music She Only Knows Too Well,

As The Purring Depths of Her Heartbeat.

She Yearned To Scream In Childlike Delight,

And Begin An Adventure In The Field Of Dreams…

She Believed In the Falling Star,

A Wink from the Sky,

A Last Kiss by the Moon,

Lips Wet From the Rain.

She Believes In the Adventure inside Her,

The Curious Child Dancing Free,

Running Wildly Beyond Horizons,

Leaving Rainbows in Her Wake,

She Believes In Silent Walks through the Park,

Whispering Trees Tickling Her Senses,

Calling Her Name,

Longing To Know Who She Was.

She Believes In the Illuminated Touch,

An Immortal Moment,

When a Soul Melts Into Another,

Can’t Tell One from the Other,

Everyday Magic,

Flirting With Danger,

Sighs From A Former Self.

For A While She Was Lost In the Pit of Wrath and Tears,

Trying to Quell Everyone Else’s Pain,

While Masking Her Own,

So She Decided…

To Believe In the Magic inside Her,

The Magic That Surrounds Her.

All the Years She Had Added To Her Life,

Had Taught Her That…

Suffocating Her Agony Was Like Trying To Dry Out the Ocean.


She Decided To Reach Deep Down,

And Save Herself.


To Be Yourself In A World That Is Constantly Trying To Make You Something Else Is The Greatest Accomplishment.

Copyrights © 2022 Eva Mwangi

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