I Can Never Say I Wasted Those Years,

Because I Grew More Than I Ever Had,

Since Adding All the Years Before …

I Hear Her Echo on The Horizon,

The Rockets of An Exalting Desire.

I Feel Her Magnificent Vocal Rhythm,

Purring from The Depths of a Fighting Heart,

I Know That Music Well…

It Is the Magic That Eclipses,

And Elevates the Light of The Day,

In Symphonic Colours of Fire.

She Allowed Me to Fall for The Fierce Whispers,

That Trace Broken Locks in Their Places,

And Resurrect Erupting Hearts into New Parts,

She Taught Me to Take my Rest Before Taking my Feast,

And Ignite the Flame of Life for Eternity.

She Taught Me To Stop Crossing Over Oceans For People Who Wouldn’t Even Jump A Puddle For Me.

She Taught Me That Putting Myself First Is Not Selfish But Rather It Is Intelligence.

I Wonder How I Ended Up Here with Her,

Knowing Who I Was Before,

But Sometimes We Must Lose Ourselves to Find Ourselves,

Thank You for Showing Me That,

And Helping Me Become Who I Am Today.

Someday I Will Write A Book of Those Repressed Sentences,

And Sing Its Verses on Top of The Highest Cliff.

Because I found my Truest Love in Myself.


Beauty Begins the Moment You Decide to Be Yourself Because Like Water;

 You’re Soft Enough to Offer Life and Tough Enough to Drown It Away.

Copyrights © 2022 Eva Mwangi

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