I smiled as I saw him walk towards me. What a glorious day! I thought to myself. It had been months since we last saw each other and God only knew how much I missed him. The sexual starvation was driving me to insanity. Anytime he called me all I would imagine is his arms and hands all over my body. My love was finally here and now I could let my inhibitions free. The temptation had been difficult but by God’s grace I overcame it. As he strode towards me with his suitcase my heart just beat so fast that I thought it was going to fall off.

I ran towards him and jumped on his well-built arms with my thighs across his waist. He held me firmly and gently kissed me on the lips. Truth be told he was as happy to see me as I was to see him. His “little boy” could not hide his excitement as he pressed against me.  If only I was so daring I would have rip off his trousers right on the spot and quench my thirst. We walked slowly towards the car as our minds imagined how glorious it would be to make love to each other after not being able to do so for so long.

It was around 2:00am and the airport parking lot was rather empty. After we put his luggage in the car, the feelings of ecstasy could no longer be contained. My husband grabbed me from the waist and planted a soft kiss on my lips. He looked into my eyes and said, “Baby, I know we shouldn’t do this here but I don’t think I can wait until we get home before I can make love to you.” He tore off my blouse and all I could here was buttons falling on the ground. He quickly ripped my bra in half and the next thing I felt was his strong hands caressing my breast. At this point I was almost out of breath. He lifted up my skirt and carefully worked his way up the spot marked “X.” He removed my panties gently and then went in for a surprise kiss. His eyes lit up like those of a birthday boy who just got a bike as his present. He worked his magical tongue down from my neck to my hard nipples then the “forbidden fruit.” He made me so wet that I could barely support myself against the car door. I remember also hitting the car honk at some point.

He picked me up and placed me on the driver’s seat and God, I felt his moist mouth work me over so bad. I offered to go down on him but he turned me down flat. All he wanted was to have my body and pleasure himself. I looked right into his beautiful black eyes and strategically unbuckled his belt and opened his trouser. It fell down and my excited eyes could not contain what they really wanted. I begged him to go inside him but he kept teasing me and telling me to wait. On an unexpected chain of events, I felt “Geoffrey” like he called his “big black rod” push inside my tight girly parts. Lets just say the thrill I felt as he went in and out of my “sugary walls” was magical. His skin on my skin and the soft lingering kisses on my body just threw me into a frenzy. I had totally forgotten that we were in a public area. I moaned softly against his neck and lips and he grasped me firmer so that he could push deeper inside me.

I could see him enjoy his work as he would pull back and look into my horny eyes and bubbly face. Needless to say, the time came for “Geoffrey” to rise to the occasion and he did. My husband pinned my hands against the sit as he held my neck and moments later I felt an explosion of possibly “our future babies.” He continued caressing my body as he kissed me and man oh man I let out a loud moan and that was that. I lay on his broad shoulders for a while before we spotted security guards coming towards our direction. My moan had attracted some security guards towards our car and we hastily scrambled for our clothes to cover our naked bodies…

Lets just say that is a day I will never forget.

To be continued…

Copyrights © 2017 Eva Mwangi


      1. I don’t know about being profound in erotic literature. I basically write what comes to me. I love covering a huge range of topics and I think once in a while it is great to thrown in sex in a healthy relationship. Marriage is shown in a bad light most of the time and sometimes I like to show that fire can still burn in marriage and not just flings. There are very many good marriages in the world and they deserve to be celebrated.
        But I’ve gotten a lot of pressure to put out more of erotic literature because apparently people love it and they can relate plus it gives them a chance to fantasize a little bit.

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      2. I actually read it and even commented on it. Writers like you said should help spread positive messages not just on marriages but life in general.We have lost a sense of direction and it’s about time we got it back

        Liked by 1 person

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