I Learned the Difference,

Between Fantasy and Real Love,

For I’ve Been Betrayed…

So Many Times Before.

By Life,

By the World,

By People,

Even by My Own Instincts.

They Injured Me with Their Words,

They Scarred Me with Their Claws,

They Destroyed Me with Their Toxicity,

They Backstabbed Me with Their Pretence,

But Like Air, I Rose.

And When He Says He Loves Me…

I Can Feel It – I Know,

I Sprout Like Flowers in The Spring,

That Were Waiting for The Sun.

And Because Of That…

I Decided to Hold Fast to Dreams,

For If Dreams Die,

Life Is A Broken-Winged Bird That Cannot Fly.

I Stopped Dissolving in The Thousands of Moons of Longing,

Because the Life and Years Taught Me the Experience and Wisdom I Needed,

To Preach with A Featherlight Tongue…

The Things I Have Lived.

My Heart Is an Open Book Where He Wrote His Unique Poem.

He Took Me to Where Cosmos Bloom with The Euphoric Spell of a Lovesome Kiss,

We Spoke About How the Sun Is Never Crescent

And the Moon Never Shines During the Day

And How His Touch Makes Me Lose My Mind.

He Managed to Bring Down All My Defences,

And Strip Me Bare,

Like the Naked Branches of Winter Trees,

But with His Words…

I Became Complete.


With His Breathe Close to My Ear,

I Always Measure…

The Distance from Earth to Heaven.

Copyrights © 2022 Eva Mwangi

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