She was at a crossroads wondering when it will be all over,

Her mind wandering all over the place like a lost sheep with no sense of direction,

How did she even get here?

What was she thinking?

How much confusion can one person really endure?

Memories kept flooding her mind and all she could utter was, “WHAT?”

It had been several years but she felt like her life was at a standstill.

How is she supposed to sample the menu when she is the restaurant?

This was definitely a trying time for her but yet she was stronger than ever.

She had lost herself in the midst of the chaos,

Her heart yearned for a better future but all seemed bleak.

They say time heals all wounds but is this really true?

She had been patient and still like a predator,

But she was always the prey for the mean-hearted.

The world had showed her a darkness she was not ready to let go off.

How do you believe in a rainbow when all you relate it to are floods?

She lay on her bed, coiled up in fear,

Afraid of the whispers seeping through the dark night,

Hoping the shadows that were reflecting were just dreams.

She felt like her skeleton would leave her skin,

Because she was too frightened by who she had become.

The funny thing about life is that you cannot fully predict what will happen next.

She had gotten to the point of no return but she could not take a step because…

Her Sparkle had left her,

Her Zeal had abandoned her,

Her Desire had fled her,

Her Hunger had deserted her,

Her Confidence was nowhere in sight,

Her Dreams had faded away,

Her Destiny could not be traced,

Her Motivation was nonexistent,


She had spent such a long time hiding away from the world that she had forgotten that…

Bandits don’t fix bullet holes,

The same brick that makes a home can also destroy it,

The same fire that creates glass can also end a forest,

Music can be used to transmit joy but it can also be used to express sadness,

The same God that Creates Life Also Takes it away.

She looked herself in the mirror and realized the WOMAN she yearned to be was suppressed deep within her subconscious.

She may not have been given the platform to speak on what was killing her,

But she was not going to let it win,

She was going to shed as many masks as she needed to,

Until she found HERSELF!


All she needed to know was that not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.

Copyrights © 2019 Eva Mwangi

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