When the dark dawns on us and all we see is night, may the moon shine upon your life and remind me of you.

May the sky be filled with stars to light your gloomy day and remember I’ll always be by your side.

Please always stand by me,

Please stand by my side,

Please stand by my weaknesses,

Please stand by my flaws.

As I shed tears of a broken soul, please provide me with a shoulder to lean on so that I can keep my head high.

Darling please do not leave me in my lowest moments.

Please stand by my fears,

Please stand by my dreams,

Please stand by my hopes,

Please stand by my desires.

All I see is a never ending ocean which I keep drowning in over and over again.

May your beautiful smile keep me from sinking and rather help me stay afloat to keep the fading light beaming.

Please stand by me,

Please stand by my mistakes,

Please stand by my confessions,

Please stand by my illness.

I see a treasured gem every time you look into your eyes.

I hear the voice of an angel every time you speak to me.

I can feel the touch of God every time you hug me.

Please stand by my weaknesses,

Please stand by my transgressions,

Please stand by my aching heart,

Please stand by my fading body.

You remind me of my late mum every time you cook me a warm meal.

You remind me of my late dad every time you defend me.

You remind me what it feels like to feel alive and not just to exist.

Please stand by me as I take my last breath,

Please stand by me as I fight the clutches of death,

Please stand by me as I try to remember what walking feels like,

Please stand by me as I battle with the pain of losing our children forever.

My shattered world is tumbling down and I can no longer hold it back. As I recount the good old days may my memory live on.

The mountains I thought I had in check have now crumbled to the ground and I promise to remain strong to the end if you just stand by me.


Cancer has taken away my humanly body and all that is left is an empty shell of horror.

My aching bones are giving out and life is slowly living me.

The land beyond is calling for my soul.

The shine in my eyes is disappearing and all i see is grey clods hovering over my existence.

All I feel now is blue. The embers of the rising sun no longer excite me but rather make me wish if all this could end much sooner.

My zeal has departed me and my shattered personality is barely holding on as it is fragmented to so many pieces.

I am damaged in ways I cannot even put in words because my trembling hand would not let me hold my blue pen and write my trials and tribulations.

Please stand by my crazy thoughts,

Please stand by my complexities,

Please stand by my haziness,

Please stand by my potential.

All I see is death and doom. The color red hangs on my conscience day in day out reminding me that my end is almost here.

I hoped to have more time to tell my story but the truth is that will only remain as a fallacy.

What I’ve learnt is that everyone is on their own time and no one should ever rush you with their timelines.

Life is gullible and we should live our lives the best way we know how and aim to be the best versions of ourselves every day.

We may not have everything we want but we should learn to appreciate the little we currently have because it will not always be there.

Please stand by my dying bed,

Please stand by my diminishing life,

Please stand by departing body,

Please stand by jaded vision.



We are not here on earth to see through each other, we are here to see each other through.

Copyrights © 2018 Eva Mwangi


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