The rain hit the roof and Dennis just peeped through the window as he watched people try to find shelter away from the rain. His mind was filled with a lot of thoughts but his top priority was his wife Talia. He thought of their last encounter and he could not help but smile. Where has this beautiful angel been hiding all his life? He has met a lot of women but for some reason Talia was above them all. He had been heartbroken so many times that he had given up on ever finding love. He even questioned whether he would ever find a woman he could trust enough to make a wife or better still the mother of his children.

He had been betrayed so many times and by the time he was meeting Talia the cracks of his skepticism on relationships could be seen. He had been through it all. For some reason all his “exes” left him for his “friends” or so he thought they were. He was the least successful amongst all of them so his “exes” would start comparing him to them and eventually dump him for them. He knew his life had stagnated but he still had hope he could turn this around. After five heart breaks, let’s just say dating wasn’t at the list of priorities. It was in one of his quests for a better future that he met Talia.

He attended a friend’s wedding and like fate would have it he was put in the same table with her. At first it was awkward silences but a few minutes later they got more comfortable with each other. He found himself opening up about his financial constraints and funnily enough Talia really seemed interested. He spoke for a while about his plans, dreams, hopes, fears and desires as she patiently listened. He wondered why he found it so easy to open up to her while most people know him as a very secretive person. Talia asked him several questions about his plans and it was at this moment that he realized he was really passionate about it and even had plan B, C, D and E if A failed.


Talia was in a bit of a rush so after cutting of the cake she left but not before she exchanged her phone number with Dennis. She also asked Dennis for his bank account number which he found very strange. For weird reasons he couldn’t explain, he reluctantly gave her the information though at the same time he also felt some kind of trust build in him. A few days later, he went to withdraw some money from his account only to be shocked by the bank balance. The balance read ksh. 20,000,000. He almost fainted because he thought it was an error. He decided to visit his branch just to be sure. The bank confirmed that a lady by the name Talia had deposited kshs. 20,000,000 in his bank account. He couldn’t believe it.

Is this woman crazy?

Is she trying to set me up for some kind of scam?

I’m I a scapegoat in a game of chess?

What is the real story behind this?

All these questions ran through his mind as he tried to compose his thoughts. The first thing he decided to do is to call Talia and know what was really going on. He dialed her number and waited a few moments before she picked the phone.

Halo…. Is what he heard on the other side.

Talia seemed excited to talk to him and even asked if he had gotten the money he sent him so that he could pump it into his struggling business. Being brought up in Nairobi, Dennis had seen the ugly side of Kenya so generosity from a stranger was not something to accept lightly. He had spent his life seeing and hearing the horrors of the city and the thought that a lady would give him such a sum of money with no strings attached was beyond him. His sixth sense though was relaxed and he felt obliged to accept the kind offer. He wanted to meet Talia and discuss what the money meant but she insisted that it was a token for a hardworking man who deserved a break from the many financial challenges he was facing. She assured him that she wanted nothing from him other than the promise that he would put the money to good use.


His chain of thought was interrupted when he saw a couple across the pool cuddled together in a small umbrella. The guy seemed to be struggling to keep his hands off the young lady and given the opportunity he would probably do some very naughty and nasty things to her. Eventually, he just grabbed the lady and laid a French kiss on her to the surprise of the judgmental onlookers. One of the ladies next to them seemed to be in her middle ages and disgust could be seen all over her face. The young man did not care though about this. Looking more closely, he realized that the couple were his Childhood friends Vincent and Esther. He knew Vincent was madly in love with his fiancée and he had no problem showing it anywhere even in public.


These activities took him back to his last date with Talia. They had decided to go out and enjoy fast food so they had settled for KFC in Galleria. The conversation had been very productive but Dennis was more focused on Talia’s beauty and confidence as she spoke. God what he wouldn’t do just to have a taste of her lips and access to her beautiful glowing skin. It had been three years since Talia had given him the money and she occasionally called him to find out about his progress. Thanks to Talia, he had been able to buy a farm and do large-scale agriculture like he had always yearned. This seemed like a stupid idea to many but Dennis was focused on selling vegetables and fruits to other African nations. His research had showed him that his business would likely recoup back its profits if he focuses on selling to foreign lands than in Kenya. The first six months had been rough but now things seemed to be a bit promising.

This was like the 30th time he was meeting Talia in person and the truth is he was trying so hard not to lust at her. He had kept count of all the times he had met with her in person because each time he was always so excited and more importantly always left feeling like heaven. Just like she had promised, she never asked Dennis anything in return after giving him the money. All she did was asked about his progress and offer him some advice when he told her some of the challenges he had been facing. The meetings were just a way for him to vent and get great financial tips. Talia was a freelance foreign exchange trader so issues of investment were very natural to her. Over time though Dennis had begun falling for her but he was afraid of expressing his feelings.

Why would such a girl fall for him?

She was gorgeous and had her life figured out.

Talia noticed that he was distracted and asked if he wanted to talk about what was bugging him. He shrugged a little bit then said this was not the best place to talk about it. He invited her to his house as they left and said he would tell her what was on his mind there………..


To be continued…

Stay tuned

Copyrights © 2018 Eva Mwangi


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