I picture you walking down the elevator, with a smile spread across your face ready to take away any problems that may be boggling me accompanied by words of reassurance.

I envision you, in your birthday suit, ready to carry me to the ocean of ecstasy.

I think of your well contoured arms, lustfully caressing my tender breasts and soft silky skin.

I can feel the fragrance of your perfume swirling in the air beckoning on me to embrace  your presence.

I yearn for the taste of your lips as you gently kiss my neck and work your way to my moist lips.

I can see you, a vision of pure paradise perfectly poised as you take a swim in your tight shorts and my mind can’t help but wander into the land of the forbidden.

I can hear you whisper sweet nothings into my ear as I softly moan to the imaginary music in my head.

I am high on love and intimacy yet I can’t find a way to remain stable in this turbulence of passion and desire.

I am lost in your beautiful black eyes where I feel like I am drowning into the eternity of kept promises.

I really do want to flow with you like the rivers do, constantly evolving but still there.

I want to grow sweeter with you, like wine does as it ages over time.

I want to gaze into your soul like a mirror and experience heavenly bliss.

I am terribly afraid of letting you get close to me as you might notice my cracked heart.

I want to write you as part of my story so that you can join the bookshelf in my heart and form part of the pages that flicker to the end.

I want you to leave your footprints in my dream world so that my wishes may turn into reality.

My desire for you is like a sneeze because it can’t be contained.


The difference between promises and memories is that we break promises but memories break us.

Copyrights © 2018 Eva Mwangi


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