My heart bleeds red as I look at the societal problems not just in my country but in the world. Evil is embraced without even batting an eye lid. How did we get to this point?

Being a criminal is much cooler than being honest.

Being a con artist is more embraced than being a true worker.

Being fake is more celebrated than being real.

How does a society recover from a cancer that is slowly wiping out the very foundation holding it together? We have lost a sense of direction and purpose. Chaos is the only language that we understand. I hold my pen as I shed blue tears because my spirit is shattered. I hoped that I would live in a much better world than I found but this just remains a fallacy.

We preach against truth, justice and reconciliation and instead grasp idiocy and recklessness. I truly wish for tomorrow to come because it holds so much promise. Our children are learning betrayal as the way of getting things done which makes the future bleak and not bright.

When did adults start acting like children?

When did spiritual guides embrace hypocrisy?

When did leaders become the storm hovering over their followers?

When did church become a booming business and not a Centre of worship?

I ask, when did the society crumble to pieces?

I gather the little shred of humanity I have left and I try to reach out to the remaining few to help me reverse the disease that is threatening to wipe out the human race.

Corruption and greed have become living organisms spreading their clutches deeper into everyday life and penetrating the family unit which is a basis for human success. Homes are no longer a place of peace but a ground for learning the harsh realities of the world. Parents choose which children to love and which to neglect, relatives choose which nephews and nieces to be proud of, grandparents choose which grandchildren to visit, cousins prioritize which cousins to be seen with and to make it worse, siblings choose which brothers and sisters to relate to.

Segregation and bias can be felt from the start of life and I’m left wondering;

How do you pluck out a virus that started decades ago?

How do you kill a trait bred right from the roots?

How do you dismember a limb that existed from birth?

How do you revive a dead organism?

How do you bring down a thousand-year-old pyramid?

With so many problems facing the world, a solution needs to be found quickly or else global warming will be the least of our problems. As a species we destroy everything we touch yet we have the audacity to refer to ourselves as the most intelligent living creatures yet wild animals live a much healthier, organized and happy life compared to ours. They may not exhibit “intelligence” as we refer to it but they are much more refined than we are.

With so much tears around us, we need to attract many more smiles because the cloud of darkness hanging over us is getting bigger and bigger. The broken dreams of yesterday are continuously becoming forgotten because the pieces that were left are slowly being swept away by the strong swirling winds of the future. We are left with an empty shell of disappointment and frustration.

In the furnace of hell may we rise from the ashes of anguish and blossom into the flairs of glory.  May the cradle of our humanity remain intact and may the blood deep within our skin soar with expectations of a beautiful life. May we have rejuvenated breaths that throb joy into our hollow souls. My bones go numb with the desire for a brighter future and as I look up to sky, may my enthusiasm never leave me.



I do not hate the human race; I am just disappointed they turned out to be everything they said they will never be.

Copyrights © 2018 Eva Mwangi





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