I cry for my country because…

The tribes that divide us laugh at our stupidity,

The power that segregate us could care less about our lives,

The hatred that we breed consumes our soul,

The fear that we harbor controls our destiny.

 I cry for my country because…

The blood that binds us also tears us apart,

The cocoons we’ve built kill our loved ones,

The leaders we cherish destroy our homes,

The enmity we’ve cultivated showers anguish on our paradise.

I cry for my country because…

The peace we’ve always had is about to be shattered,

The joy we always held dear is about to go down the drain,

The faith we’ve upheld is about to leave us,

The pit we’ve dug is about to close in on us.

I cry for my country because…

The shots that were once non-existent have become the order of the day,

Our once blue skies are now covered with never-ending grey clouds of sorrow,

The sadness that we shunned is now holding us hostage,

The chains of frustration are stuck on us like glue.

 I cry for my country because…

Death has become part of our trade mark,

Broken hopes and dreams of the innocent are hovering over us,

The smiles that always led us home are no more,

Our negative attitude has destroyed our peaceful altitude.

I cry for my country because…

The darkness that we’ve embraced has blocked out all the sunlight,

The tears that we shed are almost forming a stream,

The road that we are taking will lead to destruction,

The veil that we’ve put up will swallow us whole.

I cry for my country because…

The efforts of our freedom fighters are going to waste,

The prayers we’ve always held are getting knocked down,

The journey we are ensuing will burn down our nation,

The embers of hope are slowly fading away.

I cry for my country because…

The flames of love are steadily becoming those of hate,

The shadows of despair are looming across the land,

The chains of Despair are Stronger than the chains of Hope,

The Beads of Frustration hold us captive while the Keys of Freedom cannot be Found.

I cry for my country because…

Greed drives the agenda and selflessness is set aside,

Chaos gets results while Order gets nothing,

Breaking the Law is praised while Abiding by the Law is despised,

Demons walk broadly while Angels Cower in Fear.

I cry for my country because…

Scarcity has become the pillar of the nation,

Diversity causes segregation instead of enrichment,

Righteousness is used for manipulation rather than for empowerment


“To put the world right in order, we must put the nation in order;

To put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order;

To put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life;

We must first set our hearts right.”

                                                    – Confucius

Never forget that if everyone helps sail the boat, then one person does not become tired.



Copyrights © 2018 Eva Mwangi











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