When tears flow freely, all that is left is to set yourself free.

If all you feel is pain like shards of glass piercing through your veins, then just let your body feel everything.

When memories flood back, enjoy the glimpse to the past.

When smiles occur naturally, let your heart melt with joy.

When the chars of despair are roaming by, crush them with hope and optimism.

When your troubles make you go silent, try your best to speak out even though you just let out a murmur.

When you find your fire, safeguard it with everything you have.

If your imperfections make you perfect, let who you are reign your life.

Whenever you face your destiny destroyers, be fierce and courageous and don’t let them win.

When the echos of the weak ask for your help, amplify their plea.

When darkness roams all over you, learn to dance in it because you are your own light.

When you find that which breathes life to you, learn to live to your fullest.


Life is a gift that could end at anytime. In the end, the only person you can count on is yourself.

The most important thing to remember is “Death is certain but living is a choice.”

Copyrights © 2018 Eva Mwangi


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