There was a time I struggled with who I was but then I realized that if I do not love myself no one will.

There was a time I felt torn apart but decided to keep pushing on because no situation is permanent.

There was a time I was heart-broken but I reminded myself that my happiness comes before anything else.

There was a time I was focused so much on how I look that my self-esteem was shattered but then I met people who taught me how to embrace who I was.

There was a time when tears of sorrow had become a way of life for me but then I remembered the days that had brought me joy and the tears went dry.

There was a time when I asked God why did He create me but He responded by letting me see how my loss in this world would impact those who cared about me.

There was a time when hope seemed to be a distant memory but I have learned that as long as embers of hope are alive, life is worth living.

There was a time I thought dreams never came to pass but my own life has taught me everything you pray for will eventually come true may be not now but eventually it will.

There was a time I surrounded myself with so many people I called “friends” but I have come to realize a friend is someone who will show up whenever you need them regardless of the circumstances.

There was a time I was lost in the pleasures of the world but I soon discovered that the only person dying was me.

There was a time I never put myself first because I thought it was selfish but the truth is that you can not give what you do not possess. Sometimes be selfish, you will thank me later.

There was a time I never appreciated the little joys I experienced but now I realize that the more I appreciated what I had, the more I was given. We block our blessings by being ungrateful.

There was a time when I thought I would never secure a job but I’ve learned that God’s timing is the best and when your turn comes then no one can stop you from blossoming.

There was a time I took good health for granted but now I definitely know better.

There was a time when people’s opinions controlled my life but that is no more. My life, my rules, my choices, my opinions. Your thoughts shape who you become. Remember that.

There was a time when I secluded myself from the world but I discovered that I only have one life to live and if I live it right then once is enough.

There was a time I was afraid to air out my grievances and oppression but I asked myself, “Why suffer in silence?” No one knows what you are going through unless you tell them.

There was a time when fear ruled my life but then I realized that my desires and dreams are on the other side and it is better living knowing that I went for it and failed rather than I never even attempted to overcome it.

There was a time when money seemed like the most thing a human being can possess but I later found out that good health and peace of mind are greater incentives to stay alive than money.

There was a time I had lost faith in humanity but then along my journey I have met some of the kindest, loyal and trustworthy people. Good people with good hearts still exist.

There was a time when I did not believe in miracles but now I know that miracles do happen. I’m a living testament to this.

There was a time when tears was the only language I knew but now I acknowledge that words and actions can also get the message across.

I may not have everything I want or desire but the far I have come I can only say I am blessed and God’s grace has been by my side. He has granted me the opportunity to live out some of my dreams and I hope to live out many more.


Most people tend to give up because they focus so much on how far they still have to go instead of looking back and seeing how far they have come. Most importantly, don’t let someone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of yours.

Copyrights © 2018 Eva Mwangi


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