She cried for months wondering where it all went wrong. All she ever did was love him but it seems it was not enough. She tried to be part of his life by encouraging him, supporting him and even sacrificing part of her so that she can be there for him. She tried to cater to all his needs but it seemed to be in vain. All she received was verbal abuse day in day out to the point that the woman she once was, was slowly fading into the sunset. She used to be a vibrant young lady with a lot of focus and determination but now she was just a hollow pit of frustration and bitterness. He had worked so hard to tear her down. He took her life away and pushed her to melodies of agony and tears. He had built himself so high that all he needed to do was to break her down and steal her sparkle. He did not believe that there was enough room in the sky for both of them to soar high up.

She thought she did not have a choice to seek for better but how wrong she was. Marion was a beautiful butterfly blossoming in the spring before she met Gerald. She was the envy of her age mates because not only was she beautiful on the outside, she was exquisite on the inside as well. She carried an aura of charisma and respect wherever she went. She had managed to set herself apart from the rest. Her academic excellence and stellar voice made her a force to reckon with. She was at the top of her field and she was working way beyond her boundaries. She was a philanthropist who believed in helping the less fortunate live out their dreams like she had. She had made several strides in this area and she worked hard at ensuring all the lives she changed at least had a better chance of surviving in this cold world. Her heart of gold attracted so many admirers but it also attracted a lot of jealousy and envy.

It was during this time that she met Gerald, a promising young man who appeared to be as focused and as determined as she was to change the world. Woe unto her for only a few months down the line did his true colors start showing. She now clearly understands the saying “never judge a book by its cover.” Everything around her seemed to be falling apart. She was having difficulty focusing on her day-to-day activities and the people around her were beginning to notice. It took her a while to figure it out but eventually she realized that Gerald was the source of her misery. Clearly, everything that glitters is not gold. Every day she listened to him tell her that she was nothing but a useless human being who cannot do anything to make a difference in this world. He always told her that she would never amount to anything and after a while she started to believe it. Her innocence and good vibe was being stripped away slowly.

She started feeling dead yet she was alive and healthy. The life in her eyes was no longer there. Her refreshing smile had become as rare as a comet. Her sweetness had turned sour because nothing brought her joy any more. She was turning into her worst nightmare. At this point it hit her that it was time to claim back her glory.

How did she let a man turn her into his puppet?

How did she allow herself to look unkempt and untidy?

How did she let a human being control her happiness?

How did she let the fire of focus and passion burn out?

She asked herself all these questions as she wept uncontrollably. She was unique and even though she was not the most beautiful woman in the world, she deserved so much more. She deserved to be appreciated and loved and most importantly, she needed to feel good about herself. She realized that it was now her time to fight back for what was taken away from her. She had allowed Gerald to hold her back but now she was going to break the chains of oppression and demand for her salvation. Gerald was never going to give it to her so she was going to take it for herself. She had to go out there and get it because it won’t come easy.

He had tried his best to ruin her life but what he forgot is that you cannot hold back the wind. Gerald had not gotten the memo that no matter what he did; eventually the sun would have to rise inside Marion. He could control a lot of things but he could not succeed in his mission as long as the flame of hope is still flickering even just in its embers. He may have put out the wild-fire but he forgot that from the ashes of despair, the dead can still arise and come back to life. Gerald had forgotten that you cannot change a leopard’s spots. Marion was eventually going to get back to her old self even though it may take years. By the time he was realizing his mistakes, she was long gone.


“Everybody gets to die but not everybody gets to live.”

Copyrights © 2018 Eva Mwangi

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