Daily Prompt: Shock

I’ve had a few moments in my life where I’ve been told stories and for a while I seem to have difficulty when trying to come to terms with what is actually being said. I mean, human beings can occasionally surprise you. Think of a story I was told of a father and husband who would on a normal working day wear a suit worth ksh. 30,000 while his wife and children lived in abject poverty. This man’s wife only had one dress which she would tie along her shoulder because it had torn up so many times that you could barely tell how it really looked liked when it was new.

The same guy had children who looked worse than street children. Their skinny bones, tattered clothes, hungry eyes, constant running nose and dirt all over their bodies was just nerve wrecking.

One is left to wonder, “What is the point of having an expensive suit at the expense of your family?

Does this guy even deserve to be accorded any respect in the society?

The other interesting fact is that this guy leaves in the slums. Any rational human being is left to wonder, “What exactly are these man’s sorry “boy’s” priorities? Why spend so much on clothing when housing and food is a problem?

Another thing that really got to me is that this guy would buy beef and demand the wife to cook it for him and not even taste to check if the salt is okay. The worst part about this situation is that he would eat the beef alone as the wife and children stared at him with lustful eyes. He would eat it all alone then give the wife ksh. 20 to buy kale for her and the children. Help me understand something here, “How does a grown man, proudly eat while his children stare at him with saliva dripping mouths?” Is he even serious? How does he go to bed at night knowing what he did?

To add insult to injury, he has another young lady who occupies all his time and spends most of his money on. Now, I’m not trying to be the moral police but surely, why would you neglect your wife and children for a nobody? I mean, if you ever become paralyzed or bed ridden or crippled, who do you think would take care of you? The beautiful maiden or the tattered wife and children? My money is on the neglected wife and children. Even if you decide to have a younger companion in your life, at least make sure your family is well catered for. I know I might sound angry but somethings just piss me off.

Lets just say this is one of those stories  that shocked me. On the other hand, I really have no idea of the story behind the man’s actions but the fact remains that those children and that woman don’t deserve the treatment they are getting.  They deserve to live like decent human beings.

The truth is, you never truly appreciate what you have until you lose it.


Don’t carry me like a pinch of salt and expect me to carry you like a bag of rice.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

Copyrights © 2018 Eva Mwangi

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