He looked ahead and wondered where he went wrong. All the effort he had put in was now meaningless.

How could a good soul be cast to the shadows?

How could a brave soul cower in fear?

His eyes glistened as tears fell across his cheeks. He felt shattered and lost. His spirit was so low. He was engulfed in grief and sorrow. His mind lost in a trance of worry and confusion.

How long can he endure this pain?

How long can he fight to stay alive?

How long will he have to wait for the day to be brighter?

He looked up and hoped tomorrow held much more bliss and happiness. He was torn on the inside because his source of livelihood was no more. He was framed for a crime he did not commit.

How would he salvage himself?

Where would he get ksh. 20 million to pay for the damages?

He collapsed on his sofa with so many thoughts tormenting him. He was trying to figure out how exactly he landed on this situation. Fate had decided to test his destiny. He was struggling to maintain a composed posture despite the different levels of emotions he was experiencing.

Why would someone work so hard to ruin his reputation?

Why would someone break his spirit?

Why would someone push him beyond his limits?

He was very disoriented and disorganised. His thoughts were all over the place. He only had a couple of weeks to come up with the money and prove his innocence. His freedom was hanging by a thread. He could not help but wonder if indeed he could become a prisoner if he was found guilty.

How would a young man embrace captivity?

How would he overcome the scar of betrayal?

Who would bail him out of this situation?

He was almost losing his senses. Going crazy is a much better word. He was running low on hope and high on despair. His heart pounding so loud and sweat dripping across his cheeks. He was shivering like “a hen that had been rained on”. He clenched his fists tight and lay his head on the wall. He felt like he was suffocating because the air was not really circulating in his lungs. His face could tell the story of a very miserable man. Life is definitely not fair but sometimes it showers us with beautiful surprises.

At this point, he was lost on his next course of action. His drained body was totally struggling to stay alive. He could feel the walls completely closing on him. Life was definitely hard for him at the moment because the sun was setting on his progress. Dawn seemed so far away yet the cry for a more promising future was stuck on him like glue.

How would he ever get from underneath his shell?

Does he need to cast a spear to crawl from the hole he is in?

For many years, he had worked to the best of his ability with the intention of never facing poverty again. He had experienced a hard life and his mission was to never get back to where he had started from. Despite his determination, destiny seemed to be working against him at this very instance. As he contemplated all this, death seemed all he could think about. All the effort he had put in was slowly fading away.

Who knew, that the fixed could also be broken?

Who knew, that the strong could become weak?

All these were questions running in his mind.

How could a diamond turn into titanium?

“Life is a bed of mysteries” he murmured to himself. And with that, he shut his eyes and finally fell asleep.

Watch out for part 2…

Copyrights © 2018 Eva Mwangi


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