I never knew a time would come when I would feel so empty and isolated.

How did I became a hollow pit in my life time?

How did I lose who I am in just an instant?

How could I let myself fall so low?

Why would I let someone drain my happiness?

I can not believe I gave up the power to remain sane and strong.

How can such a young soul be dragged across the mud?

How can a beauty become a beast all in the name of heart-break?

How can an angel fall to a demon just because of a human being?

I ask, with a heavy heart because the peace I once cherished no longer exists.

If you would have asked me, I would have said our love would last an eternity.

You made me believe that our love could make the sun shine in the moonlight.

Why did you leave me all alone? Facing the monsters of loneliness and anguish?

Where did I go wrong?

Please tell me my rock.

Over the years you made me believe in us, you made me believe in love even when I didn’t want to.

Why did you kill the little bit of innocence left in me?

Why did you take away the little faith I had in humanity?

Why did you replace my blue sky with grey clouds?

Why did you knock down my confidence and esteem?

I ask, why did you break my heart into tiny little pieces?

Why? Why? Why?

I ask, with tears rolling down my cheeks.

You shattered the love I once held so sacred.

You took away a piece of me that I’m not sure if I can ever get it back.

You made me feel like trash when you had built me up to a treasure.

You made me feel homeless in my own home.

You made me question my reason for existing.

You made me contemplate suicide, something I never thought I would ever attempt throughout my existence on this earth.

Who do you think you are? Leaving behind a bevy of beauties with cold hearts?

It is actions like yours that turn good people into devils,

It is because of people like you that the institution of marriage is crumbling,

It is because of beliefs like yours that families no longer fight for each other,

It is because of people like you that the current generation is lost on what love is all about.

Loyalty is no longer held dear because somewhere along the way some people decided to make rules that only suit them.

The world is in tatters because people no longer value the feelings of others.

Remember, what goes around comes around.

I may not revenge what you have done to me but the world is a small place and karma is alive.

May God avenge for me.

I forgive you because I need to let go and move on.

I turned down a lot of potential life partners because of you but I have faith that eventually I will meet my soul mate.

May be it was just not meant to be.

Thank you for showing me the real you.

Thank you for showing me your true colors.

Now I know I definitely deserve better.


Copyrights © 2018 Eva Mwangi

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