Daily Prompt: Honk

You take a journey in this life that you never know how it will end. You persevere through a lot of temptations, challenges and problems but you never truly know if you will be okay when all is said and done. Once in a while we get surprises that remind us why being alive is a privilege and not a right. Think about it, you can go a very long time without reflecting on your life especially if everything is okay but when trouble starts your mind becomes alert once again.

I remember this one time I boarded a bus on my way to Meru. The day started like any other. A beautiful sunrise and a somewhat satisfactory breakfast. I was excited and really looking forward to a relaxing journey. The truth is for a long time I had forgotten just how much precious life is. I had fallen in the comfort zone where everything seems normal. I took everything for granted. For some reason I felt I deserved the best without any questions. Honestly this was a very misguided perception towards life. Given that at the time I had everything I needed and was enjoying every moment of bliss I could have, nobody could have told me I should appreciate my blessings without me bragging that I deserved it.

I was lost in a trance of fantasy and self entitlement. Little did I know that soon I will have my senses knocked into me. Like an hour into the journey, I had the sound of screeching tires and finally a cloud of dust surrounding me. I was in shock and confused. I could not explain what was happening. I looked behind and I saw a small fire starting to build up. I struggled to open my safety belt and eventually I succeeded. People were screaming and crying while the rescuers besieged us to try to get out of the bus as fast as we can before it explodes. Fortunately, I could walk out and I managed to rush to the front of the bus. As I was standing on the side of the road watching the rabble and some of the injured passengers, my mind drifted to my previous arrogance on how I deserved the best.

At this point it hit me that life had given me a “HONK” it was time to get back to reality. We only have one life to live and if we do it right once is enough. I learnt that as you sail across the sea of disappointment, frustration, happiness and joy that will always come your way once in a while, you need to always “HONK” yourself once in a while so as to stay grounded. You always need to remind yourself that waking up  each morning is a blessing and not a right. You are awake because God has grace for you and has favored you as at that time. Nobody is more special than the other when it comes to life, you are just fortunate that you get the opportunity to rectify the mistakes of your past.

You are unique because even though you may think the world does not need you, it really does. No one like you will ever exist throughout eternity.Shine your light so that the other travelers in the world will not lose their way. No one can take your place because you are the only one that can fill it.

Remember, “To the world you might just be one person but to one person you might just be their world.”

Copyrights © 2017 Eva Mwangi

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