You roam across the streets of the country,

Tears falling down your face,

Frustration and disappointment follow you everywhere,

The scorching sun destroying your beautiful skin,

How long can you keep doing this?

You have sent out hundreds of applications on all the job vacancies and postings you’ve heard,

You no longer select what you want, you just hope to land somewhere,

Your passion is no longer a hinderance,

Your pen is almost running dry from the various cover letters you’ve written,

Your well of hope is almost running dry,

How can even the simplest jobs not be available?

You think of starting your own business but the capital becomes a challenge,

Financial institutions demand for collateral,

You are left standing alone wondering how is a young unemployed individual supposed to accumulate any assets or property for that matter?

No one wants to become your guarantor because you own nothing and any default would fall on their shoulders,

How are you supposed to see sunshine when the dark night doesn’t seem to end?

Your friends and family keep asking themselves what is really wrong with you,

How does a graduate roam across the office corridors like the rest?

Who ever thought that technology would cause this huge unemployment gap?

How can one compete with a machine?

Your thoughts drift to your university days,

How you were filled with dreams and ambitions for a better tomorrow,

Your classmates seem to be doing great and you are the only one that life seems to have thrown off the clip,

Back then everyone wished they were you,

You had so much potential and your life was well put together,

Where did the driven individual go?

Life has thrown you hurdles you never saw coming,

What you are wondering right now is whether some stars will break your darkness,

You tell yourself you are a pyramid and no challenges can break you but deep within you are worried,

Who thought that lack of finances can push you to the wall?

Who thought that unemployment can make you contemplate suicide?

Who thought  that you can become the shell of who you were in just a few years?

The road to success has become blurry and you no longer fight to clear it up,

You think you are the only one in this predicament  yet others are also facing the same battle,

You hope that you will live long enough to see a brighter day,

You hope that when you take your last breath you will have accomplished what you aspired for,

Who knows, just may be, next time it will be the break that you need,

We all blossom at different times and may be right now you are being prepared for what you asked for,

Life is not always black and white because sometimes we always get a few colourful surprises,

I hope that at the end of it all you will be able to say that, the hardships I faced built a better me,

I pray that you finally get what you’ve been striving for,

I pray that your story turns to be an inspirational one for others,

I pray that you finally find your purpose and have the courage to pursue it,

I pray that you rise to your full glory,

I pray that success becomes your bed rock,

I pray that you land the dream job or business you’ve prayed so hard for.

Keep the candle of faith alive because soon it will burn brighter than ever.

I hope you find your voice as you pray because change is soon coming.

The flames of peace you’ve always held dear are about to bring you your most coveted possession.

Be the bone that never burns regardless of how hot the fire is.

You may be unemployed right now but the future is not set.

Keep building you as you work for a better tomorrow.

Prepare for the destiny you want not the current life you have.

Never forget that your story is still being written and that you are a diamond that bends when faced with challenges but it never breaks.

By Eva Mwangi

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