I can hear the sound of the wind,

Blowing in the cold airs of the ocean ,

Blowing you back to me my love,

I can hear the sweet melodies of the birds,

Singing beautiful tunes, of the love we share,

Whispering right into my ears my love,

I can feel the wave of peace,

Reigning over our lives,

Pulling us closer together,

Deeper into the depths of bliss and happiness,

I can see the beautiful sun rays,

Streaming across the earth,

Leaving warm sensations of tenderness,

Making me yearn for your touch,

I can smell the beautiful fragrance,

Spreading wide in the sky,

Feeling my world with color,

And your face painted across the galaxy,

Staring right into my eyes,

I can sense the brilliant aura,

Oozing out of you,

Showering me with smiles,

Enticing me to taste your lips,

I can feel your presence,

Hovering over me,

Drawing me to your arms,

Calling me to fall for your heart,

I can see the moon,

Glimmering in the dark night,

Beckoning on me,

To accept you as my light my love,

When I look at you my love, I see heaven,

When I feel your touch, my skin ignites,

Whenever you kiss me, I fall in love with you over and over,

I can see the sparks of love,

Stirring up in my heart,

Ready to burst into flames,

Calling for your name, in the silence of the soul,

When I walk next to you, I experience paradise,

Whenever I hear your voice, my veins vasodilate,

I can hear your heart beat,

Gently and slowly,

Releasing rhythms that only

My loins could understand,

You are the air that I breathe,

The life that lives in me,

You are my jewel,

The thunder that roams deep within,

The vision that never blurs,

And the heart beat that never stops.

You are the star that I call my own,

The one that I run to just across the milky way,

The one that I sail to for pure moonlight,

The one that navigates me back home whenever I’m lost.

I want your lips on my neck,

I want your body in my hands,

I want your fragrance in my air,


In you, I find peace.

In your eyes, I find comfort.

You broke down my barriers and I let you in.

You are the best decision I ever made.

You are everything I prayed for.

You are the dream that finally came true.


Copyrights © 2017 Eva Mwangi

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