She opened her shopping bags and slipped on a red lacy bra and g-string. On top she wore a red velvet dress with lacy and floral partitions. She covered all the essentials and left the rest to the imagination. Her beautiful thighs could be seen yearning for some tender touching but the see through net didn’t give a complete picture of them. Kevin was definitely going to have a day to remember. She sprayed perfume on her body and the room because she wanted it to be filled with an intoxicating sweet aroma. Her body was definitely well pampered and ready to be devoured.

Kevin was almost done and was just closing his desktop so that he could walk out. The phone rang and to his delight it was his precious jewel Imani. She asked what was keeping him so long yet she was ready to rock his world with her God-given assets. Kevin couldn’t help but try to picture what he was being offered. He said he would be there in a few minutes because he was heading for the parking lot. He said a few sweet nothings then cut the line…

Sophie on the other hand was also preparing to meet her sweet pie and the joy she felt could not be hidden from anyone. She had thought about Brian throughout the day and the idea that she will be seeing him in a few hours seemed too good to be true. They had both decided to go out-of-town for a low-key yet romantic adventure. They both loved nature and nothing offered such a perfect serene environment without leaving the city. The hotel they chose had several beautifully landscaped gardens, a lot of natural trees with mind-blowing canopies and a gorgeous waterfall. There was also an aquarium accompanied by a view not just to the sunset and sunrise but also highly sort after wild animals. The pool was magnificent with amazing crafted rocks and a view of a mountain a few kilometers away. The entire atmosphere was just what they both needed to unwind from the hustles and bustles of the city.

Brian arrived first and he was ushered in by the courteous staff into what would be their home for a few days. The house was spacious and surrounded by all kinds of luxuries include a master size bed, a 65 inch television and very comfortable leather seats. There was a fully equipped kitchen and a massive bathroom that had an excellent bath tab with Jacuzzi jets. The whole time his eyes were wandering across the room, he could not help but imagine about  the various spots he could practice his forbidden desires with Sophie. He decided to take a shower as he awaited his angel. Truth be told, his mind was fixated on how he would devour his queen without a care in the world. As the soap and water ran gently down his body, he could not help but think of Sophie’s sweet soft lips running through him instead. He had fallen in love with Sophie and this made him want her even more. His well toned body seemed to be getting goosebumps because the fact that he was as horny as a dog on heat was no secret.

Sophie was a very beautiful woman and most men would generally consider going to bed with her if given a chance. Brian’s manhood had slowly transformed from a soft potato to a hard-boiled egg. The water made things worse because it cascaded slowly across his body making him feeling like Sophie’s soft tender hands were running across his sexy abs and well-built arms. His mind was made up, all he wanted to do was grab Sophie the moment she walked into the room, pin her on the bed and have a taste of her womanhood. He was so eager to rip out the clothes on her body and enjoy every inch of her for the whole night. He was a generous and tender lover given that satisfying his woman was always his priority…

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