Who knew?

That the broken could be put back together,

That the shut out could become pronounced,

That the despised could become important,

That the silent could become the voice.

I’m asking who knew?

That the weak could become strong,

That the outcasts could become the originals,

That the mason could become the architect,

That the battered could become the liberators.

I’m asking Who Knew?

That the monsters could become angels,

That the hopeless could become the light,

That the shunned could become the stars,

That the sand could become glass.

I’m asking who knew?

That the fearful could become brave,

That the bitter could become sweet,

That the betrayers could become the trusted,

That the fallen could rise to be mighty again.

Just know that;

The Water that Builds Life also Rips it Apart,

The Cold that Causes Illnesses also Preserves Food.

By Eva Mwangi

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