Through my journey in this life, I can say I have overcome several obstacles but the mystery is I could not always understand or know how I got through them. Every chapter I lived seemed to either make my book great or unbearable. Through it all, one thing always seemed to burn brightly. The candle of hope stayed alive even when all the others went dark.  I got to a point where everything was going wrong but for some reason I always found the strength to fight to live another day. Survival was the only thing I held on and no one seemed to notice. I have this aura and attitude that makes people think I’m doing okay yet on the inside I’m falling apart. The optimist in me makes everyone assume my life is awesome and there is nothing troubling my soul. This is not true as sometimes I’m at my lowest and I need someone to dig me out from the trench I have fallen in. Even the tiger sometimes need a little bit of help to get through the day. Sometimes I also need someone to stand up for me and go a mile towards helping me feel better about myself. When you are cast into the dark side of the moon, not even the sun can get you out. Every positive person once in a while needs a hand to hold them and console them during their difficult times. This got me thinking on how “HOPE” is important in our daily lives. I mean, the only reason we aspire to see tomorrow is because we are imagining that it will give us a chance to accomplish what we have always desired. A lot has been said and written about on “HOPE” but here is my take on it;

Hope is a boat, sail through the waves.

Hope is light, break the darkness.

Hope is a paddle, push out the fears.

Hope is a rainbow, fight the storm.

Hope is a saddle, ride the horse.

Hope is a seed, cultivate it.

Hope is a shoulder, lean on it.

Hope is a flame, keep it burning.

Hope is a star, beam your faith.

Hope is a weapon, win the war.

Hope is a well, don’t let it dry.

Hope is rain, chase away the drought.

Hope is a wave, await the shell.


I cannot promise you days without pain, laughter without sorrow or the sun without the rain but I can promise to give you strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way.

By Eva Mwangi

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