Somebody please tell me what being in love feels like. Most times I feel like I’m missing out on something or even not engaging in an essential part of life. While I ponder over this I reminisce over the promises a romantic partner and I once made to each other I find myself being delirious about the whole situation.

My love….

You are the sun that revolves around my world,

You are the breath that keeps me alive,

You are the anchor that holds me up,

You are the well that keeps me replenished,

My love you said….

You are jealous of all the nights I spent alone or with others before you met me,

You will catch me when I fall,

You will take me across the seven seas,

You will bring down the moon for me,

You will never make me cry,

You will climb every mountain just to be with me,

You will swim across every ocean just to see me once again,

You are jealous of the sun rays that glaze my skin because they are closer than my shadow,

My embrace was as delicate as a whisper

I said…

I will walk across every highway just to get you,

I will turn your grey clouds into blue skies,

I will find every reason not to desert you,

I am blinded by your shine because you are like the sun,

I will make your sky blue so that you don’t become blue,

I will traverse any wall that bars our love,

I am jealous of the wind that blows across your skin because it is closer than I have ever gotten,

Your warm breath across my neck ignited all my hidden inhibitions,

We said….

Our love can make the sun shine in the moon light,

Our love is strong that it can make a candle burn in the wind,

Our love is gentle like a whisper,

Our words would always caress our hearts whenever we were far apart,

Our desire for one another would glow like the milky way,

Our union would be like a world of silence on fire,

Our dreams would rhyme like the harmonies of our favorite song,


Eventually all the pieces fall into place…

Until then,

Laugh at the confusion,

Live for the moment,

And know that everything happens for a reason.

Copyrights © 2020 Eva Mwangi

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