On many nights we will fly wrapped in the enigma of many things,

We will catch stars and hold them,

They will turn to dust within our palms,

Because all we yearn for is to experience a little bit of magic.

Imagine of a world where…

We are not weary to test the theory of star dust,

Where there was no discrimination,

Where love was the fabric of the society,

Man’s placement in the cosmos was real,

Imagine a world where we could fall into this completely!

It’s fascinating that most people are able to connect at a deeper level for most or at least part of their lives…

Some people know the lyrics to each other’s songs,

They find harmonies in each other’s laughter,

Their linked synergies echo in tune,

I yearn for the day I can hum on key,

I yearn for the day someone will be able to hear my melodies.

Is it truly possible to swim in the ocean of self loathe without drowning?

Is it possible to swim without becoming water yourself?

Is it possible for your heart to be open like the morning sun?

Is it possible to experience self-love that is so grand?

I yearn for the day…

I will be content,

I will be free,

I will feel secure,

I will feel beautiful,

I will feel safe,

I will feel whole,

I will be fearless,

I will open up to love,

I will truly be at peace,

Distress will be a distant memory,

Pain will be in the land of the forgotten,

Hope will be a part of me,

I will stop doubting myself,

I will stop shedding tears of rejection.

Maybe I just wish for an evening where the setting sun will be the beckon that ushers in a grandeur beginning.


The sun is alone too but it still shines and the reason we struggle with insecurity is because we tend to compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel

Copyrights © 2020 Eva Mwangi

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