Ever wondered what lies in the semi-arid parts of Kenya?

I have always imagined and wanted to view this part of Kenya mostly out of curiosity but at the same time I had the fear of probably dying of thirst or hunger. The truth is, many beautiful things can be seen and experienced in this unknown part of the country.

Ever been to a place where…

Sand dunes and huge rocks beckon your immediate view?

Shrubs and Cactus bloom like a flower in the spring?

Plain nilotes trod their herds of cattle without any worry?

Huts exist kilometres apart?

Acres of land stretch for distances without human pollution?

You can have the perfect view of the sunrise and the sunset?

The worst garbage you will see is animal excrement?

The wind blows as softly as a whistle?

Nature fights bravely to exist like an arrow?

This place exists somewhere in Laikipia county an area known as Doldol.

It is the home of Oljogi Wildlife Conservancy. The conservancy lies in a wide area that covers several acres. It is known most especially for being the home of the only brown bear in Kenya. The conservancy is home to several species of wildlife.

The walk across the conservancy was better than I had pictured. The terrain was different from the city we walk on daily but the peace and quiet in the surrounding was to die for. The few animal noises that could be heard as you enjoyed the beautiful fresh air was just mesmerizing to the core. To say the entire view was breathtaking would be an understatement. For once in my life I got a chance to hold a white mouse even though I was very terrified. It is unbelievable to imagine oneself holding a rodent that you’ve been taught to hate and despise over the course of your lifetime. One thing that I was completely transfixed on was the brown bear. I could not believe my eyes. I felt like I was in a day dream because I had only ever seen this creature in the movies. It was as spectacular as you could hope for and its huge size was just a whole other story.

It was my first time seeing a wild dog and I must say I was truly fascinated. Their uncanny resemblance to the everyday dog was clear but their vicious eyes and terrifying barks could make one wet their pants. The tour guide explained different intriguing facts of the various species as we walked through the conservancy including what to expect from different creatures when you approach them.

Kibaria Travel did a great job throughout the trip. We had professional photography to capture the wild animals and wild scenery around us. We had water that kept us hydrated throughout the trip and most importantly there was a lot of rejuvenating conversations throughout the journey. The group lunch we had was sumptuous and very well catered. I must say Kibaria was on top of their game. There were many more wildlife to see but you can only truly appreciate the experience when you go there in person. For now, I have to end the story here though I will do another series on the Oljogi Conservancy road trip.

To be continued….


The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

Copyrights © 2020 Eva Mwangi


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