Let me ignite every part of you,

Let me taste your candy flavored lips,

Let me break your sexual inhibitions,

Let me unleash your hidden desires,

Let me explore your water of fantasies,

Let pleasure you from dusk till dawn,

Let me flare up your loins.


Please let me touch your skin because its feel on my fingertips is heavenly,

Please let me turn your naughty dreams to reality,

Please let me access your garden of the selected few,

Please let me compel you to dance with fire, passion and hunger that your body can not resist,

Please let me rock your world to oblivion.


Please let me breathe in your beautiful scent as I experience your intimate fragrance,

Please let me traverse with you to a world where no one else can ever take you,

Please let me undress you to satisfy my lustful yearns,

Please let me devour your endowed innocence,

Please let me shower you with breezes of soft lingering kisses.

My love…

Please let me make you see stars in the sun,

Please let me make you see forests in the desert,

Please let me show you what true nakedness is,

Please let me unleash all your hidden demons,

Please let my tongue roam across your alluring skin,

Please let me show you the true depths of my fantasies,

Please let me nibble your delicate nipples,

Please let me caress you to the land of the forbidden.

Please Please…

Let me instill in you the seed of ecstasy so that you can ride it with complete abandon,

Let me see the crevices of your imperfections so that I can show you how perfect they are,

Let me know your spirit and entwine our souls till eternity,

Let me strip your insecurities one layer after the other till you see yourself through my eyes,

Let me imprison you in my galaxy of wonders where you can’t escape,

Let me hook you to me like drugs,

Let me be your kryptonite,

Let me be the exorcism that refuses to leave,

Let be the illness that refuses to heal,

Let be the magic that can’t be changed by a portion,

Let be the injunction that cannot be challenged,

Let me torture you during the day and crucify you at night.

Let me fidget with pure torment as I imagine you undressed,

Let me have a restless aching heart as I irrationally curb my temptation for you,

Let me have a tortured mind as I imagine the candle wax trickling down the shaft of a candle hardening on your skin,

Let me draw pictures of what could be in my imaginary wall,

Let me introduce you to yourself,

Let me lose my immunity to the flesh to you,

Let me ride you to the intoxicating auras of electrifying shackles of confusion,

Let me tend to your neglected flower so that it can blossom into an ageless butterfly,

Let me be the thief that steals all your doubts and fears and show you the infinite possibilities of your body,

Let me see your scars so that I can become a poet and write all about the heroic adventures we will have,

Let me take small glimpses of your perfect shadow so that I can focus on your true essence,

Let me walk home and create a safe symphony that will catch you whenever you fall,

Let me introduce you to a glow that flickers in the mirror every time you smile,

Let me use your hands to make you the spotlight of your own show,

Let me awake the mystery that hides behind the holy gates of fantasy,

Let me stir the smoke that lies dormant as it waits for a breeze to ignite the fire that is buried deep in the magical glares of surprise,

Let me curve the moon as you pick the soft flakes of snow and show me the curse and I can no longer hide,

Let me use every inch of you to quest the thirst that never goes away,

Let me grab the sheets and surrender to your untamed empire of wild trails and beliefs,

Let me succumb to your intoxicating flares of magnificence and unstable romantic conversations,

Let me see you gift me with a vision that makes seasons appear like a blur of nature and geography.


The art of seduction is knowing what they really want and slowly giving it to them in a way that takes their breathe away.

Copyrights © 2019 Eva Mwangi

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