Most people in the world have never had a chance to experience an environment different from their norm. I fall under the people in this category and truthfully speaking I have not visited very many places in my lifetime. You hear stories of the wonders of the world yet you never truly get to see them. The world is spectacular and Kenya happens to be among the countries with very beautiful sites and scenes that captivate even its own residents.

I was amazed by a recent trip I took in Nyeri County that left me bewildered about what lies in the fertile parts of our beautiful nation. Somewhere in there you will stumble upon a time capsule of an area famously known as Tafaria Castle.

Ever been to a place where…

A Dream was turned into reality,

The beauty of nature captures your heart,

History can be seen at the forefront,

The serenity of the environment engulfs your being,

Games you play bring out your inner child,

Community is the center of the entire enterprise,

Pre-colonial heritage is told in a relatable way,

Thinking outside the box is a concept highly appreciated,

The dreams of the founder shine so bright that they blind your eyes.

Tafaria castle is definitely a place you would truly cherish to be a part of because it captures a lot of the history that no one ever told you about. The place rests in a sort of highland format given that the path around it feels like a climb and slope at the same time. A walk through the facility tells you the story of the British back in the 1800s and early 1900s.

Each cabin tells the tale of the different people that were involved in the internal conflicts of the British era. The facility resembles a castle that is surrounded by different cabins which reflect the diversity of the community it has been emulated from. The cabins rest in three separate formats. Basically there are the knights’ cabins, the damsels’ cabins and the Vikings cabins. Each of these group of cabins represents a section of the British culture that was predominantly present in the early 1900s and most of the 1700s and 1800s.

The damsel cabins lie at the center of the establishment close to the knights’ cabins. A story is told where the damsels would be constantly attacked by the Vikings that the knights took it upon themselves to protect the damsels in distress. Because of this they ended up building their cabins close to the damsels so that if the Vikings launched an attack then they would be ready and close enough to protect them.

At the far end lies the Viking quarters that embrace sort of a warrior look given that they were innately always up for a battle of any sort. They loved violence and chaos to a fault which made them a threat to the peace of the community. Their cabins are meticulously decorated with tent-like appearance including the tough sisal strings and very hard wood. The set-up is meant to depict a camping feeling to showcase the nomadism of the Vikings. Given that Vikings were constantly on the move, their solace was basically tents for easy movement and carrying.

Kibaria Travel took the initiative to secure us a sumptuous meal in the establishment that I can only say it was a “Kings lunch.” Basically it was a full course meal with all the delicious accompaniments you can possibly picture. The chef was quick to ask what we thought of the food and the catering staff was very helpful and delightful to be around. In essence, it was like dining with royalty.

The journey to and from Tafaria was incredibly educative and eye opening and to say that my eyes marveled throughout the entire journey was an understatement. There was a birthday cake as usual for babies born on that month and our taste buds were marveled by the sweetness of the cake that made our mouths to drool.


    “I would rather own a little and see the world than own the world and see a little of it.” …

    Copyrights © 2020 Eva Mwangi

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