Just Past Dawn, The Sun Stands…

With Its Rays Heaving Heavily Across the Sky Line,

Feasting on Every Green Vegetation,

Reminding Me of Submerged Loves…

I Am Not Sure When It Happened,

But I’m Very Glad I Did,

You Just Came into My Life,

And Unmasked the Pain I Hid.

The More You Got to Know Me,

The Greater I Knew Myself,

For That I’ve Been Enriched…

By Far Much More Than Wealth.

You Are the Only One for Me,

For Your Golden Heart…

I Can Cross the Seven Seas.

Baby You Ignite My Day,

That I Have Nothing Left to Say,

I Love You Too Much,

My Love for You Is Such.


Once I Knew You,

I Never Wanted to Know Anyone Else.

Copyrights © 2022 Eva Mwangi

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