I find life’s occurrences more as intentional rather than coincidental. Think about it. Someone bumps into you on the street, says “hi” then goes ahead to tell you that you look familiar. If that is not enough, they go ahead to re counter how they have always been admiring you from afar but they have never had the courage to let you know how they feel. You guys tell me, “is this a coincidence or an intent meeting?”

As I walked towards the bus stop, somebody tapped me on my shoulder and they introduced themselves. Anybody living in Nairobi knows that a tap from a stranger is not something to take lightly. Most of the time you want to run as far away from them as a plague as you can. This guy then goes on to tell me that for several months he has been watching my movements to and from the station. Let me just say this moment right here weakened my knees with fear.

Why would somebody take the time to monitor my activities?

This was definitely a stalker and the last thing I needed is some creepy dude following my every move.

Nevertheless, I held my ground and mastered the courage to keep listening to what they were saying. He proceeds to say that he has always been fascinated by my character and that he would love to get to know me a little bit better. I am partly flattered and skeptical at the same time. Why would I trust the opinion of somebody I barely even knew? Before I could gather my thoughts, the bus I was waiting for is here. I politely excuse myself but I go home thinking of the “Mysterious stranger”

Would I ever see him again? I am yet to know the answer to that.

Copyrights © 2017 Eva Mwangi

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