Daily Prompt: Popular

I feel myself disappear as the days go by. My question though is how does platinum become gold? Why is it that some people stand out while others don’t. I always feel like a shell amidst my peers because everyone seems to have their life in order. They all seem to be after something and actually going for it and even making strides in their different success paths.

Why am I the odd one out?

Why am I the lost sheep?

Why do I remain silent even when I have a lot to say?

I am lost in a seemingly endless pit of disappointment and frustration. I try to get back my voice but my vocal cords won’t let me utter a sound. I am the sand that needs to apply a little heat on myself so as to become glass. I am in the forest of doubt and my eyes can’t see beyond the canopies. I am blinded by my short vision. I need to be more open-minded if I am to get to my desired destination.

Popular people tend to have unique traits that tear them apart from the crowd. They are the diamonds amid steel. They possess charisma that enables them influence people without putting in much effort. Their needs and wants are crystal clear and they do not let anybody tint them. They are the sanity amidst the chaos.

What does it take to be popular?

This is a question that might give a wide array of answers without a tangible clue as to how exactly does one achieve popularity. My thoughts though are popularity is whatever you make it out to be under different circumstances.

Copyrights © 2017 By Eva Mwangi


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