I never knew how strong I was until I was cast into the battle field,

The journey to fighting for a better tomorrow propelled me to heights I thought I could never reach,

The cowardice in me was slowly turning into bravery and for the first time in my life,

I felt that I could soar to be whoever I aspired to be,

Nothing could keep me contained any longer,

I will reach out for my destiny and I will take down anyone who tries to stop me,

The sleeping lion was finally awakening,

The den was beginning to experience mild shakes from the roars,

Who knew that a young shy girl would one day go to war for her future?

Who knew that what she yearned for was way greater than her fears?

Who knew that the melting desire in her could no longer be held in a box?

This young girl will take her destiny by the horns and not even a bull could trample her,

Her fire could no longer be cooled because this was her time,

It was her time to reflect bright like a diamond,

It was her time to sprout like the beautiful flowers in spring,

It was her time to let the world see who she was,

It was her time to glitter like gold,

The young girl was no longer afraid because she had come to embrace her inner beast,

The destiny blockers were powerless against her,

She was no longer sitting back and letting things happen,

She was at the centre field ready to take a shot if she can,

She was holding the gun and was ready to release the trigger,

Her aim would hit the mark because this time she was going to score a goal,

Missing was not even an option,

Her only focus was to finally take the stage,

She hid for way too long and she was tired of being the second fiddle,

This time, she would be number one,

This time, she would be the best,

This time, she would be the force to reckon with,

This time, she knew the power in her,

This time, she was prepared and ready to hit her target.

Her arrow was ready for launching and by faith she would get there.

She had met a man who showed her that all was possible.

From this point on, God was her pillar and no man could knock her down.

She had let her Maker take control,

This time, she would drown anybody who tried to stop her,

This time, she would take a stab at anyone who dared question her vision,

This time, no one could take this moment away from her,

This time, only God could blur her dreams.

Her vision was so clear and not even a magnifying glass could compare to what she was experiencing,

Her sense of smell was so strong that the cat family had nothing on her.

All she kept Reminding herself is;

To fly high enough so that she can get a glimpse of her future but then also fly low enough to enjoy the taste of her hard work.

To cut the grass low enough so that she could see the snakes that hid behind the bushes.

To unmask the wolves hiding behind sheep clothing.


Copyrights © 2017 Eva Mwangi

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