I know one day I will meet my fate,

Somewhere among the clouds above,

Called away too early…

I wish I could hear your voice again,

But life is cruel,

I no longer have that choice…

So, I wrote your name in my heart,

And that’s where it shall always stay…

Lingering whispers of silent memories keep you near,

As time unfolds and seasons pass…

I yearn to hear the rhythm of your heart beat once again…

I keep chasing your ghost of unspoken words and memories…

You’ve left an echo of soft whispers across the ways…

You’ve left an afterglow of smiles in your absence…

You’re a shadow in the moonlight beyond our reach…

You’re the voice in my head that I can’t drown out,

Your absence can be felt like the harmonies of a melody,

Thoughts of you spiral down drowning me in a sea of worry…

You make my heart palpitate as my vision becomes blurry due to asphyxiation,

You wanted our tears of grief to dry before the sun,

The world may not pause to wonder if the petals fall to soon,

Or if the snowdrop will never bloom,

But your existence touched the world for all eternity.


If only we could know the reason why they went…

We’d smile and wipe away the tears that flow…

And await content.

Copyrights © 2021 Eva Mwangi

8 Replies to “MEMORIES”

  1. Such hit me differently. It is so sad to lose a dear person. I related to it reading.
    Good job! 👏

    Liked by 1 person

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