Kevin seemed to be addicted to Imani like a dangerous injection of heroine. He fell for her so hard that he completely forgot about Sophie.His life revolved around Imani and anything she wanted became a priority at the expense of his marriage. As he thought of their encounter, suddenly in a split second, he was hit by the realization that his choices had contributed towards the destruction of his marriage…

He was brought back from his trance by a knock on his office door. It was Christine, telling him that she was leaving and wishing him an enjoyable weekend. He quickly rose from his seat as he remembered that if he does not leave at that time then the traffic would surely derail his encounter with his sweet treasure. Kevin was definitely looking forward towards his escapade with Imani and he could not hold back his desire to lay with his sweetheart. He quickly organised his desk as he prepared to leave so that he could have the night of his life. His thoughts were torn but his craving for the cookie could not be kept in the jar anymore.

Imani was already at the hotel since she had spent the whole day at the beauty salon and spa getting ready to please her forbidden desire. The lust on her face could tell anyone that the sexy beast in her was about to be unveiled. The fire between her thighs could only be cooled by Kevin. She had taken time to shop for some lingerie and shoes because this was the day that all inhibitions would be kept aside. She wanted to ensure that after tonight Kevin would no longer want to have any other woman other than her. She wanted to be the only dish that he desired and the only meal he will ever want to have everyday of his life. She was ready to become the main dish in his plate since being the appetizer and dessert was no longer enough.

Her hope was that Kevin was finally ready to move things to a higher level. She was tired of being his girlfriend and was awaiting the day he would propose and turn her into an honest woman. For three years now, she had been with Kevin and things had been going on great. She enjoyed their sex ventures but she was getting tired of doing just the one thing when she wanted more from Kevin. She decided to take a bath as she waited for Kevin to arrive. She took a bottle of red wine and a glass and walked to the bathroom. She lit some strawberry scented candles to give the air a sweetened smell and a relaxing atmosphere. She turned the shower knob and the warm water fell on her smooth silky skin. She rubbed a bit of liquid soap on her body which gave her goosebumps that made her feel very deep sexual sensations.

As she scrubbed her body with the soft face towel, her imagination couldn’t help but run wild. She pictured Kevin’s strong hands running down her entire body and caressing every inch they could grasp. Her nipples were elated screaming with joy like a child who was just bought some ice cream. She thought of Kevin’s lips gently sucking and biting her breasts while his other hand grabbed her full bottom. Without knowing it, she was moaning in pleasure and ecstasy. The warm water running down her lady parts made the shower even more thrilling than she had hoped for. By the time she was walking out, her whole body was shaking in delight.

She pat herself dry with a soft white cotton towel as she prepared to moisturize her body with some lotion. Every time the towel hit her body, she let out a soft moan of pleasure. She took the lotion and slowly began applying it on every inch of her body. She wanted to look like a shiny and glistening goddess. Her intention was to ensure that when Kevin walked into the room, all he would want to do is fulfill his most hidden desires. Given that Imani had flawless skin, this was not a hard look for her to achieve. After oiling her body, she went ahead to apply some light make up to accentuate her beauty. She was a pro in this sector because if anyone knew how to drive men crazy, Imani was the woman. Her hour-glass figure made her the woman every man wanted to have and the woman every lady aspired to be. After a few touches, she was done and ready to put on her new lingerie…

Watch out for Part 10 

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