I See Your Hands and My Body Trembles with Memory,

Your Touch Is Like Pure Silk on Bare Skin,

Pulling Me Closer…

Your Eyes Are the Doorway to Where Love Resides…

They Hide the Most…

Not Just the Pain but Unshed Tears Too…

They Are A Mystery That Have Untold Stories.

And on That Cheek and On That Brow So Soft So Calm…

Is A Smile That Wins,

Tints That Glow,

And A Heart Whose Love Is Innocent.

You Brought Me Sunshine When I Only Saw Rain,

You Brought Me Laughter When I Only Felt Pain,

You Brought Me Stars When I Only Saw the Moon,

You Brought Me Glory When I Only Felt Sadness.

You Are the Poem I Never Knew How to Write and This Life Is the Story I Have Always Wanted to Tell.


In the End, When Our Eyes Find Their Infinite Darkness, You Will Know That Our Bodies Were Tiny Universes and I Loved You with A Thousand Seas.

Copyrights © 2022 Eva Mwangi


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