Depression is ………

Is When You Smile but You Want to Cry,

Is When You Feel Alone Yet You Are Surrounded by People,

Is When You Pretend You Are Happy but You Are Not,

Is When You Feel Troubled but You Don’t Even Know How to Explain It,

Is When You Feel Lost and You Do Not Know How to Get Back,

Is When You Laugh but You Want to Scream,

Is When You Talk but You Want to Be Quiet,

Is When You Show Interest but You Are Absent minded,

Is When You Show Up Yet You Want to Hide,

Is When You Say You Have Everything Yet You Have Nothing,

Is When You Show Strength Yet You Are in Shambles,

Is When You Hold On Yet You Really Want to Let Go,

Is When You Stand Tall Yet You Are Broken,

Is When Your Highlight Reel is Pure Bliss Yet Your Reality is Hell,

Is When You Appear Calm but What You Really Want to Do is Run,

Is When You Want to Break Out but Feel Trapped,

Is When You Appear Sane but You Really Want to Let Your Madness Free,

Is When You Feel Anxious but Appear Relaxed,

Is When You Have People to Text but None to Talk to,

Is When You Have People to Follow but None to Walk with,

Is When You Show the World Your Best Highlights Yet You Hide Your Behind the Scenes,

Is When You Drink to Drown Your Pain but the Pain Learns How to Swim,

Is When You are the Life of the Party but You have No Life Within,

Is When You are Surrounded by People but Feel Completely Alone,

Basically, Depression Is Being Colorblind and Constantly Told How Colorful The World Is.


If the silence does not kill you the way people assume all is well without asking to find out, then depression won’t. Depression is not about having no friends; it’s about having friends that don’t care.

Copyrights © 2019 Eva Mwangi

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