Because Being Faithful Is Not Cool Anymore but Cheating Is Highly Applauded,

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Because Every Time They Give Someone a Chance, The Person Walks Away with A Little Bit of Them,

Because Nowadays Having Many Partners Is More Glorified Than Sticking It Out with One Partner,

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Because Building a Home Is Boring but Having Random Children Everywhere Is Cool,

Because They Are Too Shattered to Recollect Themselves,

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Because Despite Giving Love Unconditionally, All They’ve Received Is Heartbreaks,

Because They Have Made Everybody Else the One While They Neglected the True ONE Which Is Themselves,

Because They’ve Shed Enough Tears for People That Don’t Really Deserve Them,

Because They Are Tired of Having to Start Their Life Over and Over Again and Explaining to Their Loved Ones Why It All Ended,

Because They Are No Longer Willing to Be Anyone’s Door Mat,

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Because They Realized It Is Better to Be Alone Than to Be with The Wrong Person,

Because They Discovered the One Person They Can Truly Rely On Is Themselves,

Because Life Taught Them Lies Told Ripple Through Time and Healing Deserves a Break from The Love Game,

Because Pain Became a Part of Them and They Are Finally Numb to It,

Because It Is Wiser to Be Single Than to Be in A Fake Relationship,

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Because They Learnt That If You Are Not Happy When You Are Single, You Will Never Be Happy When You Are in A Relationship,

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Because They Are Tired of Giving Their Everything and Ending Up with Nothing,

Because They Realized Love Is Not a Race Because Everyone Has Their Own Time and Clock,

Because They Have Gone Through Fire and They No Longer Bother with Simple Burns,

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Because It Finally Dawned On Them That Eternity Is Too Long to Live a Lie,

Because They Finally Came to Peace with The Fact That the World Has Ended Many Times for Them but It Always Begins Again in The Morning.


SINGLE Is Not a Status. It’s A Word That Describes a Person Who Is Strong Enough to Live and Enjoy Life Without Depending On Others.

Copyrights © 2019 Eva Mwangi

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