He looked into her eyes and all she felt was a sudden blood rush run through her body. For some reason his presence excited her but she felt too shy to express it. Her heart beat was off the charts and a visit to the hospital would have possibly had her diagnosed with high blood pressure. His dental formula was everything a girl would ask for. A smile that glistened like a diamond and comforted like a koala bear. His voice was just heaven, soothing to the ear, eloquent and oh my his linguistic was on point. His words were audible well articulated and accompanied by a sense of humor and intelligence.

His gaze stirred feelings in her that she had taught herself to keep hidden deep within her soul. She yearned for his touch and presence but she could not bring herself to walk towards him. Lets just say, every time he glanced at her, her cheeks turned red.

He finally walked up to her and said hello but all she could utter was, “uuurrrhhh,” what the bloody hell was that? She cursed herself in her mind. He seemed confused but managed to ask, “are you okay?” This time she pulled herself together and said “yes.” The worst part of this whole situation is that she could hardly look into his eyes but rather cowardly looked to the ground while making awkward movements with her feet. He moved closer and without even thinking but acting purely on her emotions, she grabbed him and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

“What was happening to Sumi?”

“How could she kiss a man she barely knew?”

“What is wrong with her?”

All these questions pondered her puzzled mind.

The guy pulled back a little surprised but totally okay with the kiss. She started apologizing so many times that her words were not really audible. He held her gently and said, “please calm down, it’s alright, I don’t mind a kiss from a beautiful lady who I’ve had a crush on for months now.” She couldn’t believe her ears.

What does he mean he has always fancied her?

Gerald confessed that he had always wanted to ask Sumi out but he always felt afraid and shy to do so because he never imagined her saying yes. His good looks most times attracted the wrong women and even led to slandering of his name that most good women just stayed far away from him. He knew to attract and keep the kind of woman he wanted, she had to first see him for who he truly is without the prejudice and stereotype. Sumi was still blushing like crazy. She was trying her best to maintain eye contact with Gerald but this was definitely not working.

Her mind was still stuck on her kiss with Gerald. She thought he might mistake her intentions or character given that she just went in for a kiss without permission or even knowledge of who he was. She felt really guilty and embarrassed of her actions. She had never done anything like this before.

Who knew that shyness and blushing could lead to random acts of courage and awkwardness?

Copyrights © 2018 Eva Mwangi


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