We have been told time and time again that the first impression someone has of you makes all the difference. This is true to some extent because we mostly tend to judge people before learning the stories behind their actions. The untold tales that happen behind the scenes of everyone’s life are a mystery that only the heart can unfold. We see someone’s highlight reel and assume that what we see is who they are but the truth is that the skeletons they are battling thing have made them lose their soul in the process. The light shinning in someone’s eyes sometimes hides darkness that only the sun can uncover. So I urge you to not be fooled by first impressions because people always sweep their ugliness under the rag and put on a perfect Broadway show when they meet you for the first time. When the curtains close and reality sets in, you realize that the angel you approved is worse than the devil you discarded. Don’t mold your entire judgement on someone’s persona based on impressions because you may get it so wrong. If you do not know the scars beneath the skin, please keep your opinions to yourself.

First impressions are important but life teaches you that there is always more to a person than what your naked eye can see.

Remember that;

The sun that breeds life also takes it away,

The glass that shines beauty also sheds blood,

The music that soothes the soul also at times aches it,

The words that inspire hope can also be used to instill despair.

By Eva Mwangi

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