Sometimes you just take a stroll and your mind drifts to random things that only the inner you questions. What I wonder is I’m I the only one who is usually lost in thought at times when they are walking and admiring the beauty of nature? A beautiful scenery has a way of trapping your mind in either the most peaceful and blissful experiences or the worst. I have found myself smiling when on my own because I just remembered a joke that someone had told me or something I did. This happens to be just one of those days.

I remember this sunny morning as I woke up and my mind drifted to a friend of mine who used to always send me a lot of inspirational quotes and material just to start off my day. I never knew there would come a time when I would no longer see her. Truth be told, she made me better. I always looked forward to her texts and her refreshing thoughts. Her short stature was something that always fascinated me. How could someone so small know so much about life? I always wondered whenever she talked. She always fought for her opinion and her face would turn “red” when she got upset. She had a light skin so that was expected.

Sometimes we go through life not recognizing the impact people had on us until it is too late and they are gone. We take friends and family for granted assuming that they will always be there. Why do wait till there is no longer a chance to say or do what we always wanted? I think I’m losing touch here but the truth is that as I reflect on the times I shared with my friend “NANA” as we used to call her, my heart just becomes saddened.

Why did such a young soul leave this earth too fast?

Why her? Why then?

Time they say heals all wounds but what you learn along the way is that you do not really forget those who departed, they just live on in our memories. It gets easier with time but the pain is refreshed every time you think about them.  As we go through life, may we keep living to make a life and not just to make a living.

A single moment may be just what you need to make the memory of a life time.

To be continued at a later time.

Copyrights © 2017 Eva Mwangi

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