His perfect night was crumbling right before his eyes and the disappointment was clearly written on his face. At this point sex seemed to be too meaningless as his life was at stake. The rescue was taking too long and the lowering oxygen levels were beginning to cause dizziness and serious exhaustion and fatigue. Everyone seemed to be too preoccupied to stay alive that no one was talking. Any physical activity would use up a lot of oxygen so sitting still was the best option they could come up with to conserve the little air they had left and also to reflect on their lives. Kevin was lost in a trance as he thought of the events that had led him to this moment. If he was a good husband to Sophie he would definitely not be in this mess. He would be at home enjoying a home cooked meal or probably snuggling in bed with his life partner. How did his marriage really get to this point is a question that kept lingering on his mind like a painful bee sting.

A few years ago he was living in a fairy tale but now he had just become another statistic. He was contributing to the already great challenge that the world was facing in terms of breaking marriages. It has been commonly said that when you face imminent death your life flashes in front of your eyes and Kevin was definitely experiencing this. He thought of all the wrongs he had committed in his lifetime but his biggest regret was that he had given up on the love of his life and soul mate, Sophie. He was torn on whether if he survived this terrifying ordeal he would still go up to meet Imani or he would actually go home and try to think of a way of salvaging his marriage. Life had thrown him lemons and he could either make lemonade or be bitter about his life choices. He had been holding the gun all this while and all he needed to decide on was whether to shoot or walk away.

Life is definitely full of surprises. The moment of truth was here and the choice was his. The ball was in his court and where it landed was all up to him. As he tried to figure out his next move, tears could be seen falling from Sasha, a lady who had been quiet throughout the ordeal. The sombre atmosphere in the elevator seemed to aggravate her sorrow even more. The elevator was so quiet that you could here a needle drop. The only thing that could be heard were Sasha’s soft sobs. They were all strangers so nobody really had the guts to ask her what was wrong. The awkward silence was just becoming too much and the blank stares were not helping the situation either. Finally, Martin, the know it all decided to go for it. He moved closer to Sasha and gently asked what was making such a pretty young lady sob uncontrollably. She gave him a cold stare and to some extent sent shivers of fear down his spine. The anger and resentment on her face was clear. Anybody could tell she was a volcano ready to erupt.

Out of fear of more physical harm, Martin pulled away and created some distance between himself and Sasha. Adrienne at this point decided to intervene. She asked Sasha to look into her eyes and to honestly tell her what was really bugging her. Sasha pushed against the elevator wall and burst into more tears. This made everyone even more curious on what was troubling the young soul. Adrienne did not push Sasha to talk but rather let her take her time until she felt comfortable enough to express what was really going on in her young mind. Kevin was at this particular moment feeling like bursting into tears to as he thought of the many nights he had pushed Sophie to tears as she begged him to stay home and spend some ample time with her. Seeing tears on Sasha’s face reminded him of how heartbroken and sad he must have made Sophie after he had decided to prioritize Imani over her. He suspected that she might know of the affair but since she had not confronted him on it, he had decided to believe that he would never get caught and he can get away with it. His thought train was interrupted by a murmur from Sasha…

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