She was trying to mumble something but her words were not audible enough. Everyone’s attention turned to Sasha and for the first time, no one was thinking that they may end up dying from suffocation but were rather more interested in learning what was going on with this twenty something lady. She composed herself and then stared across the elevator before coughing to clear her throat. She looked right into Adrienne’s eyes and asked if it is wrong for a human being to want to die. Adrienne was puzzled by this question and confusion was clearly written over her face. She then looked around the room and asked everyone if they were ready to join their maker in the current state they had left their different lives. Everyone was quiet and they were just looking around to see who would actually answer this particular question. Sasha then went into her handbag and pulled out a handkerchief. She wiped the tears from her beautiful face then faced everyone and told them that tonight she had come to the hotel ready to die but that after being stuck in the elevator and thinking about her life, she realized she was not ready to face death.

Her story was not ready to end and she did not want to leave behind a jaded legacy. She was determined to restructure her life and finally live out the dreams she had always wanted. She confessed that she planned on getting to the roof top of the hotel and then jumping off so that she could end what she thought was a miserable life. She was going up the building to commit suicide but being stuck in the elevator had changed her intentions. As memories of her life flashed through her mind, she realized that her life had more good than bad and she had so much more to live for. She had thought that her life was bleak but in reality she was a beaming star. Her inner diamond was finally coming out and she was no longer going to let anybody steal her joy. Everyone was dumbfounded as they listened to her so keenly. Everyone seemed to be resonating with what she was saying because heads could be seen nodding to her powerful words.

Kevin at this point was thinking that if such a young lady could attempt suicide over life challenges, what would a married woman do if she discovered her husband had decided to throw away their vows to the dogs and instead seek ulterior alternatives. Sasha was really getting through to the other people while Lloyd and Gert could be seen trying to fight back tears. The emotional roller coaster that was in the elevator was something that most of the individuals there had not planned on experiencing that night. Everyone was there on a different mission but for some reason they all ended up stuck in the elevator together. Sasha seemed at peace after confessing her troubles and anybody could see that there was a renewed woman in her who was determined to not let the world dull her spark. Her captivating words were definitely not falling on deaf ears because everyone there was lost in deep thought after Sasha went silent. At this point, they had a loud bang on the elevator door, the rescuers were trying to get them out…


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